No More Pen & Log Book
No pen, no logbook, no handwritten information, no carbon copies, and no tear-off pass. All visitation details are digitalized, and stored in reliable cloud server.
Cover All Function Roles
i-Neighbour covers all the required roles from mana- gement to residents to tenants to visitors and security officers. Each role has different access level rights to their accounts.
Statistic & Analysis Reports
Provide all type of statistical reports for management to analyze visitor patterns and help management improving security.
Updated Residents Info
Residents & tenants information can be collected and updated voluntarily, as good as census.
Keep Your Visitor Clean
The system permits easy access for visitors who abide by the rules of the neighbourhood while visiting and this ensures smoother process in their upcoming visitations.
Mobile Apps for Easy Access
iOS and Android Apps are available for ease of use and real time notification of the visitation updates.
Pre-register & Get QR Code
QR code is generated for pre-registered visitors to smoothen visitation process at the guardhouse.
Keep Bad Visitors in Blacklist
Unwanted visitors are placed under blacklisted group that prevents them from entering your neighbourhood. Security guard/management can state reasons for not allowing access.
i-Neighbour, A Cloud Application for Residential Visitor Management
Complete Automation • High Quality Information • High ROI • Exceed Expectations
i-Neighbour can easily integrate with our cloud guard tour system, TimeTec Patrol ( and cloud surveillance system, Epicamera ( to form better security system in your neighbourhood.
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Setup Neighbourhood
Collection of Resident Details
Share Important Resources
Residential Management is responsible to set up their neighbourhood’s profile and manage the units available in their building(s).
Apart from the default information such as name, email, contact number and etc required from the residents, the management can also add some customized information fields.
Residential Management can share important and relevant information such as JMB Meeting Minutes, Announcement, and etc with the residents easily.
Invite Visitor
Manage Visitation
Residents can invite and schedule visitation for their guests to their unit online in the comfort of their own home.
Through i-Neighbour, residents can easily approve visitors that have pre-registered and view their visitation history.
Residents will receive notifications about pre-registered visits, guest arrivals, delays or cancelation of visitation.
Visitor Pre-registration Web Interface
Simple Registration
Fill Up Form
Type in the neighbourhood’s name in the field and proceed to complete the simple steps.
Follow these simple steps to register as a visitor via the i-Neighbour website. The unit number and owner’s name need to be accurate and match with the system to proceed with registration.
The registration form will be made available only when the information provided is correct to guarantee security of the neighbourhood.
Monitoring Visitors
Security Guard Details
Scan QR Code
Security guards can view today’s visitations, monitor its status and blacklist unwanted visitors.
Security Company has to furnish the details of all their guards and the information will be made available for the Residential Management and the Residents to view.
Preregistered guests are provided with Visitation Express Pass (QR Code) for every approved visit and they ought to show this code to the security guards for scanning to facilitate the visit.
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