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Life Gets Exciting with Biometrics
Live Keyless with R3 - Door Access and Time Attendance System
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Begin Your Career with FingerTec, Start Applying Online!
FingerTec is constantly looking for talents to join the team. Check out the vacancies and apply online!
Less is More - Automating Attendance with the Affordable TA500 Time Attendance System
Soon, FingerTec will be offering the most affordable, reliable and simple biometrics time attendance clock, TA500. Built robust, TA500 can contain 2000 fingerprint templates and 50,000 transaction logs in its flash memory.
TimeTec Support Portal Revamped to Serve You Better
Check out the newly revamped TimeTec Cloud Support Portal dedicated to provide TimeTec Cloud subscribers with constant support and guidance.
Ingress & TCMS V2 Support Windows 10
It’s now official that Ingress and TCMS V2 support Windows 10! FingerTec’s main software, Ingress and TCMS V2 have been tested to run in Windows 10 and everything went perfect. So, if you fancy this latest OS, no worries because FingerTec software will not create any problem for you.
What’s Cooking in FingerTec
The R&D team is working to simplify the process of Ingress Installation with MS Access and soon this nagging issue will be solved permanently. From the feedback, we found out that the installations of Ingress have been causing a setback to Ingress deployment.
TimeTec Cloud New Features
November Update
FingerTec H2i in Citra Style’s HQ Dubai
Biometrics system has been the most sought-after system of late due its high security level, convenience, reliability and affordability. The biometrics verification technology has evolved to defy the skeptics and it has proven to thrive in many areas of security.
El Salvador  
Grupo Ejje Highlights FingerTec Door Access in El Salvador
Grupo Ejje, FingerTec’s esteemed reseller in the Republic of El Salvador is taking FingerTec door access solution to another level with an extensive campaigns and advertisements for FingerTec’s door access solutions in the town of La Ceiba from October to December 2014.
Iraq’s TSCFS Imam Ali Secured with FingerTec Face ID 2 & Ingress
Following the success of previous installations in Sadr and Rusafa, TSCFS consulted our esteemed distributor, AIN AL-ZULAIL to assess their premises and recommend an appropriate security solution at Imam Ali.
Harley Davidson Rides on FingerTec’s Effectiveness To Improve Its Security and Office Automation
Recently Mabua Harley Davidson in Indonesia was planning to improve the security aspects of its outlet in Jakarta Selatan and they were specifically looking for a system to safeguard the security of their showroom and store for this famous American manufactured high-powered motorcycles.
Daiso Malaysia Protects Their HQ with FingerTec R2
Daiso is a large franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan, owned by Daiso Sangyo Corp, Japan. With a range of over 100,000 goods, Daiso strives to develop and create a wide range of products as an essential part of their strategy to compete with high-end retailers.
User Experience and Employee Experience
by Mr. Teh Hon Seng, CEO
The Great Workplace, is where people trust people they work for, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.
Maneuvering Transformation is a Tricky Business
by Mrs. Norana Johar, COO
When we have been so cozy in our comfort zone, we are resistant to change. But one thing every one of us must realize that, while change is hard, it is certainly inevitable for a better future.
Technical Tips
Shut Down Ingress Properly If You Login Through A Client Server to Avoid Being Block Access
Release of the Webserver Operation Manual
TimeTec Cloud - Post Attendance to Payroll is Now Available in Unipay & MYOB (Australia Only)
Enable/Disable Fail Trial Alarm
FingerTec in Exhibitions
26 - 28 November 2014, Thailand
BN: F15
FingerTec will be in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC), Thailand on 26-28 November 2014 to participate in the Secutech 2014, Thailand.
18 - 20 January 2015, U.A.E.
BN: SA-J38
FingerTec will be in Dubai International Convention Exhibition Centre, U.A.E. on 18-20 January 2015 to participate in Intersec 2015.
13 - 16 April 2015, Russia
FingerTec will be in All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Pavilion 75) on 13-16 April 2015 to participate in Moscow International Exhibition (MIPS).
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