TimeTec Takes It to Another Level
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F I N G E R T E C   N E W S
The FCC Adds Value to Your Business

The FingerTec Cloud Center (FCC) was launched on in July 2015, offering free backup for data FingerTec hardware devices that are connected to FingerTec’s homegrown solutions, Ingress and TCMS V2.

Ingress Mobile App Facelift

Ingress Mobile is the mobile version of the Ingress software for access control management. If you are using Ingress software as your door access management software, it’s only appropriate that you experience Ingress Mobile as a complementary app to streamline your job.

Readily Available Scheduling Templates

Covering multiple workforce schedules is more than essential for any time attendance system as it provides options for any organization’s management to assignment their employees to, covering the necessary hours relative to their industries.

The R3 and TA500, Welcomed With Open Arms

In most industries, staying relevant means constantly updating the company’s branding, product, and services. In the field of technology, this notion is more than apparent as new advancements and innovation spring up in rapid procession within short periods of time.

Connect EpiCamera to Ingress

Having a surveillance system installed at your home or office does more than monitoring your premises; it is a preventative step from security breaches and other threats. With crime going on the rise in the global age, many are searching for means of keeping safe.

G L O B A L   N E W S
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O F F I C I A L   B L O G
Keys are Retro, Biometrics is The Way To Go
What can you do with your keys except to push it into a keyhole to turn the door open? Unless it’s a key to your heart, almost every key can only just open one door.
Declaration of Future Commitment
The computing power that normally stayed intact on a clunky desktop had been shifted into the hands and pockets, which came with them the term ‘mobility’.
TimeTec Intensifies Its UX
No matter how advanced the technology is when user experience is rated poorly, failure is not far along.
Where work, play, and social values come together
Salam Aidilfitri from FingerTec in Malaysia
T E C H N I C A L   T I P S
Connect Your FingerTec Terminals to FingerTec Cloud Center (FCC)
How to Troubleshoot the Electromagnetic Lock / Door that Won’t Open
TimeTec Cloud Remote Support
IngressVMS Web Application
How to Change Background Image in TA500
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