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F I N G E R T E C   N E W S
Shining Light on TimeTec with a Business Seminar at HQ

Cloud technology is now highly demanded by consumers and has taken shape in the forms of many solutions in various industries including surveillance and office management.

Stepping Into the HR world with HR Summit and Expo 2015 , Dubai

The HR Summit and Expo 2015 is an upcoming exhibition that will be held in Dubai from 16 to 18 November and is the largest HR show and gathering of HR professionals in the region.

OFIS Tool is Now Embedded in Ingress for PC Clock-In

FingerTec’s OFIS or Online Fingerprint Identification System is a biometric scanner device designed for online verification and enrollment. The device can be connected to any Windows-installed computer accompanied with an installation of OFIS Client that will allow the OFIS Scanner to identify and verify fingerprints.

A New Video for the New TimeTec Patrol

Having guards at your premise is one effective security measure that can work best as part of an ecosystem that comprises of other measures such as surveillance, access control, and visitor management.

Keys are not the solutions, FingerTec is

Get FingerTec new keychain at USD5 per piece or get them free with any purchase at FingerTec!

G L O B A L   N E W S
FingerTec Enters the International Zone in Baghdad with the Four Seasons Drug Store
TimeTec TA to the Land Down Under with GJK Facility Services
FingerTec Takes Up Residence at Universal Hospitals Group’s Offices
 Sri Lanka
FingerTec Goes Back to School at the Learnium International School
TimeTec Takes on Cloud South East Asia Event
O F F I C I A L   B L O G
8 Noteworthy FingerTec Developments in 2015
We are an organization that always moves forward with the we-can-do-it attitude, and we always find the how-to-do-it ways.
TimeTec TA Transforms Attendance Management
Cloud is suitable for the current workforce that values mobility, transparency, scalability and effectiveness.
Where work, play, and social values come together
FingerTec Contributes to Persatuan Penyayang Kanak-kanak Istimewa Johor Bahru’s Fundraising
T E C H N I C A L   T I P S
Keeping Track of Your Terminal's Transaction Memory Capacity (Updated Version)
Assigning Schedules and Users Into Rosters is Made Easy in TimeTec TA
Migration Wizard Smoothen Data Migration from TCMS into Ingress
Ingress Software V3.0.4 Enhances User Experience
Creating Weekly Schedule with Flexible Overtime on Weekends in Ingress – Suitable for those who allow overtimes on off days or rest days.
Configuring fire alarm in two pieces of Ingressus to open all doors when smoke sensor is triggered.
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