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Global News
FingerTec USA in the ISC Exhibition
FingerTec USA points to their dynamic sales team as the driving force that propels them to their success. Adapting “the sky is the limit” approach, these ambitious, highly trained professionals refuse to yield to any obstacle in their way and take diverse courses of action to increase sales resulting in optimum growth. Our highlight of November of 2011 was FingerTec USA’s participation in the ISC show which took place in the Jacob Javits Center located in the industrial capital, New York City. The show exhibited the most High-Tech Security products and since FingerTec items have become so popular in the security market, our sales team viewed the show as an opportunity to broaden FingerTec USA’s customer.
NTP World Forum Chooses FingerTec
Since NTP World Forum's inception in 1998, the founder, Mr. Ng Thien Phing, a prolific visionary, has grown a single company into its current force of more than 15 companies today. The Group has four core business areas where it has been operating successfully for over a decade now.NTP World Group of companies approached ICT Zone Sdn. Bhd., a FingerTec authorized reseller to install a time attendance and access control system in their company premises. The challenge in performing the installation was that the company’s office was spread among several buildings in Excella Building Park in Kuala Lumpur.
World Connection, Qatar, Assigned as Exclusive Distributor
FingerTec Worldwide is pleased to announce that World Connection ATS has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of FingerTec products in Qatar. Mr. Ibrahim Helmy, CEO of World Connection ATS, recently accepted our invitation to visit FingerTec Worldwide’s headquarters in Malaysia to continue the finalization of the agreement between FingerTec’s management and World Connection ATS, while getting to know the rest of FingerTec’s Sales & Technical teams whom gathered to welcome Mr. Helmy. World Connection ATS Middle East was established in 2006 providing Information Technology solutions and services in a very diversified manner ensuring to reach businesses of all needs such as trading, services, manufacturing, financial services, health, insurance, etc.
IFSEC Saudi: Religion As Brand Identity
I couldn't help but to compare what I had observed in the two Islamic stronghold countries that I had visited, Iran a few years back, and Saudi Arabia just last week. Wearing of headscarf is compulsory for all women in Iran but their pieces of clothing and headscarves can be fashionable and colorful. This headscarf ruling is applied to foreign women too. But black is the only permitted color for women in Saudi; they put on black headscarves, black veils, shapeless Abaya black gowns covering from head to toe, exposing only a pair of flickering eyes, and some even covered their eyes with black veils too.
FingerTec Iran Focuses on School Automation
Bartar Andishan, FingerTec’s reseller in Iran recently participated in a focused section of the biometric market. The first exhibition of school automation was held from 9 - 12th October 2011 in International Exhibition Center of Mashhad with the main aim of delivering time attendance solutions and access control solutions to the education industry. To emerge with a strong presence in the event, Bartar Andishan worked successfully on modifying their software to be more relevant to a school system. They designed a software that would automatically inform parents of their children presence, absence, or late comings to the school by integrating their software with an SMS service.

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FingerTec News
Extensive Support the FingerTec Way
FingerTec is not merely a business in the biometric industry - it is a brand. And with the FingerTec brand comes not only product quality that exceed expectations.
FingerTec Products Up-Close
If you happen to go to the FingerTec Product Page, you’ll notice that the page has been revamped. Now when you choose a product to view, you’ll be able to mouse-over on the image to zoom in a larger and clearer view.
FingerTec OFIS:
A whole new look!

FingerTec OFIS TA and OFIS Client has gone through a major change in packaging! Now, with an all-new improved and stylish hard casing pouch that comes in navy blue and black, FingerTec OFIS has been given a modern touch to match its verification technology.
FingerTec Introduces the Mifare Card Writer
Are you using the Mifare card technology in your FingerTec terminals? Then the Mifare Card Writer is just the product for you.

  Economic Crisis Yet Again?
"When you are a start up company, struggle is normal even during the economic booming years. But for established companies, if you are only making good money during good times and losing money, having to cut costs and retrench workers during bad times, then I don't think you are competent enough companies."
  Traveling Mind
by Teh Hon Seng
CEO/Managing Director
  Get Spotted In An Ocean of Information
"Think of the Internet as an ocean of information and like the sea, there are mysteries waiting to be unfolded. It requires extra effort from a company to learn about the potential of the Internet in business."
  I'm Verified
by Norana Johar

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