Newsletter December '17  
News Highlights
 TimeTec Leave is Official December 2017!
   TimeTec Profile: Keeping Your Team Together
   Unlock Your Premises with TimeTec Security
   i-Neighbour Advertised Nationwide        
   i-AD, A Great Tool to Connect Community to Nearby Businesses
  TimeTec Exhibitions Around The World
Global News
 Mildmay Uganda Maximizing Efficiency With R3
 Mashad Metro Line Chooses Biometrics to Strengthen Workers Discipline
 Sovereign Group Securing Access with FingerTec
 i-Neighbour Deployed at Lake Point Residence
 Springmount Supervising Attendance with TimeTec TA
 TimeTec Showcased Cloud Solutions at HRDF Conference & Exhibition 2017
TimeTec Donates to MRCA Education Charity Foundation
We Blog
 Embracing A Mobile-Centric Lifestyle
Tech Tips
 Explore Roster in TimeTec TA App
 Getting Started with TimeTec Patrol App
 Beacon is Now Applicable in TimeTec Patrol!
 Using TimeTec Leave App for The First Time
 TCMS V3 Release Note
 Export Scheduler for Attendance and Transaction Data in Attendance Module
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