Vol: 5 Year: 2012 Published: 4 May 2012 Spanish
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FingerTec News
Simplifying Software Setup with TCMS V2 Setup Form
If you’re a FingerTec reseller that has made many system installations before, you’ll probably find that one of the more tedious parts of an installation is setting up the TCMS V2 software to run and be automated smoothly. Read more
FingerTec InfoManager, Now available for Mifare Card Writer
FingerTec launched a Mifare card-issuing device called the Mifare Card Writer. Targeted mainly for system developers and software integrators, the Mifare Card Writer could only be used with the Software Development Kit. Read more
8 FAQs about FingerTec Slave Terminals
FingerTec has a range of devices which work only as exit Slave terminals such as the R2i, i-Kadex, and the soon to be released, the k-Kadex. Read more
Advertise Effortlessly with FingerTec Ad Templates
Advertisement campaigns are crucial for a business to grow, and grow fast. In today’s IT world, there are countless ways to channel your advertising campaigns. Read more
Global News
FingerTec Powered Up in the National Grid Corporation of Philippines
by Mr. Marlon Gomez
A fully private corporation, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, also known as NGCP, won the franchise to operate and maintain the country’s transmission network in the biggest government auction conducted in efforts to reform the local power sector. Read more
FingerTec Debuts in Estonian Market
by Ms. Fazalina Zamidon
The Estbuild is an international building fair held annually since 1997, and is the most well-known and the largest fair of its type in the Estonian market. The focal point of this exhibition is on the presentations of innovative technologies, building constructions, materials, machinery and tools. Read more
AppleWood Pakistan Participates in Intersafe Exhibition
by Mr. Muhammad Salman Zahir
The International Security, Anti-Terrorism and Fire Technology Exhibition (Intersafe) Exhibition was the first of its kind held in Lahore, Pakistan and was a success at that. Read more
FingerTec Participates in Secutech Taiwan 2012
by Mr. Curtis Tan
It’s the sixth time that FingerTec is participating in the Secutech Taiwan show. This year, the show was, as usual, a success with over 500 exhibitors from 27 countries presenting at the show which attracted over 25,000 visitors worldwide. Read more
FingerTec Installed in Nu Skin Enterprises
by Mr. Steven Sit
Nu Skin Enterprises is a leading direct-selling company that distributes premium quality beauty products and services through three core brands. Read more
Reclaim The Truth
"Those fragmented and unorganized stories, proliferate in debris on Facebook and Twitter, at last would form a larger discourse, and eventually would right the distorted truth."
Traveling Mind
Teh Hon Seng
CEO/Managing Director
Riding the Waves of Social Media Marketing
"We started with Facebook and Twitter some years ago with doubts in our heads. Would this work? Who would Like us? Who would follow? Would the industry take us seriously? There was something about the social media that just couldn't be ignored."
I'm Verified
Norana Johar
Application Series
Clocking Schedules
Clocking schedules are an important configuration used to calculate the users’ attendance. Read more
Technical Tips
Housekeeping for the TCMSV2
FTDP Video Guide Released!
TCMS V2 Sample Reports
Problems While Updating Firmware Or Language Pack
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