Newsletter November '16  
News Highlights
 TimeTec Patrol, the Cloud-based Security Guards Management Solution
Now the Beta is Ready for You
     TimeTec Made It as Finalist at the APICTA Awards Night 2016
     Conveniences of Pairing bR301 Bluetooth Smart Card Reader with i-Neighbour for Walk-in Visitor Verification
     TimeTec App Tailors to Staff Mobility & Flexibility
     TimeTec Travelled to Singapore for Cloud Expo Asia 2016
     FingerTec, Up Close
and Personal Series

Senior Graphic Designer, Mrs. Lee Chwee Mei
Global News
 OMOA Cameroon Takes Security to Another Level with FingerTec
Ivory Coast
 Ivorian Company CIE Intensifies Security with FingerTec
 Union Bank Bangladesh Deals with Workforce Management the FingerTec Way
 Ciment de Mauritanie Manages Expanding Workforce Better with FingerTec TA100CR
 MMC Pembetungan Langat Implements FingerTec Access Duos for Workforce Management & Security
 Co-Curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia Deploys Online Attendance System with TimeTec TA
TimeTec Purchased an Art In Support for SMA Patients
Happy People Create Amazing Employees
We Blog
 The Art of Selling Cloud
 Effective Job Costing with TimeTec TA
Tech Tips
 TA300 Shortcut Keys Explained!
 Resolve “Failed to initialize database” error message in TCMS V3 & Ingress (MDB)
 Migrate Data from TCMS V2 to TCMS V3 Easily
 TimeTec Mobile – Supervisor Verifies Clocking with Photo
 TCMS V3 Software Update (v2.0.1.5)
 Ingress Software Update (v3.0.7.18)
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