Vol: 02 Year: 2013 Published: 5 February 2013  
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FingerTec News
Face ID 4 is Here!
Face ID 4 is FingerTec’s newest revolutionary facial recognition terminal featuring the latest face algorithm. The Face ID 4 aims to be a cost-effective terminal for those who prefer facial recognition functionality in small businesses and SMEs.
Find your Fortune with FingerTec Lucky Number 13!
In conjunction with FingerTec Worldwide’s 13th anniversary, we will be giving away awesome Apple products to our Facebook fans through the “Lucky Number 13” contest!
The All-New FingerTec Official Blogsite
Corporate blogs have become an increasingly integral component in content marketing. This makes it all the more important to strike a good balance between communicating a company’s marketing material and entertaining the readers.
Warranty Spare Part Recall
At FingerTec, we always strive to give you the best customer service we can, while keeping things cost effective for you. Our warranty system works as such where all you need to do is submit a warranty claim on our warranty claim website.
Get Our Manual in Arabic!
The TCMS V2 Manual recently went through a revamp. Now, this new version of the manual is available in Arabic as well. Click here to view the Arabic version.
Global News
FingerTec Featured in ISC East 2012
by Mr. Curtis Tan
FingerTec USA was present at the recent ISC East Conference, the largest annual security convention in the Northeast United States. They exhibited at booth 1843 in the Javits Center on November 28-29th, 2012. At the event, emphasis was given on the security features of the biometric access control fingerprint and facial recognition time clocks as well as the various benefits of the products offered.
FingerTec continues gaining recognition in the Middle East
by Mrs. Norana Johar
FingerTec’s presence in the Intersec is key to the brand’s growth in the Middle East and North African markets. This annual show attracts established security brands from around the world to showcase their latest products and offerings to the region’s prospective clients in this 3-day, 9-hour daily exhibition held at Dubai Trade Center, UAE. This was the 8th year of FingerTec’s participation in the show and the response had never been better from our existing and prospective clients.
FingerTec Riding High with Viking International
by Mr. Benacer Douadi
Viking is a fully integrated oil and gas services company providing the widest range of solutions to the world energy industry. It operates in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and it also has major operations in Iraq, Turkey and Poland. The company has over 15 drilling areas in Turkey. And each drilling area has its own group of employees. For that reason their headquarters wanted to control employee time attendance in all sectors.
Dominican Republic 
Bagricola Saying ‘Hola’ to FingerTec
by Ms. Fazalina Zamidon
Banco Agricolas De La Republica Dominicana (Bagricola) is one of the premier banking institutions in the Dominican Republic itself, being the second bank established in the country. Being in operation since 1945, Bagricola secures the financing of productive activities in the agricultural sector to ensure increased productivity, meet the food demand of the population, as well as modernize production.
Kadex Series Wins Over Western Digital
by Ms. Kartina Azlina
Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd (WD) is one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world with thousands of employees operating in a factory-like environment. The company required a solution with a large user templates capacity as well as high speed and stable performances for the workplace, employees as well as production. Nexus Professional Sdn Bhd (Nexpro), FingerTec’s reseller in Malaysia, took on this challenge.
Official Blog
Get Serious: Think Before You Tweet
"Its not just enough that you have common sense; you need to add a splash of tact, a sprinkle of cross-cultural knowledge, and a pinch of diplomacy, or to sum all these factors up, a whole load of EQ"
The Perks of Remote Maintenance
"A little effort to reduce some processes might add user-friendliness element to the business world"
Keeping Holiday Productivity High With FingerTec
"Buddy-punching, signature-forging or password-sharing are no longer options for the labor time thief as simply having the system in place – and letting people know there’s no way to fool it – is deterrent enough"
When a Cloud-y Vision is Awesome!
"The existence of Cloud services has created a revolution for business owners to tap on various softwares and services on the basis of ‘as and when’."
Application Series
Job Costing for Automobile Servicing Centers
Technical Tips
How To Differentiate Core Board’s FEM Versions
Customizing the Company Name to the Top of the Report
Modifying Setup from Master-Master to Master-Slave
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