We Commit To Work Against Corruption In All Its Forms
FingerTec takes a firm stand to forbid any kinds of corruption of government officials and/or receive/provide any kinds of bribes or commissions in dealings with civil servants or individuals in the private sector. FingerTec firmly believes that corruption has damaging impact on society, as it promotes inequality in competitions, silent yet destructive criminal acts, misappropriation of public trusts and it hinders societies and individuals from reaching their full potential. Corruption has been known to be one of the leading obstacles to economic and social development worldwide. As such, FingerTec as a company and a brand is fully committed to anti-corruption and anti-bribery on every level of our dealings. FingerTec pledges to have always make business decisions that are ethical and in compliance with applicable legal requirements. FingerTec encourages the use of good judgment, discretion, and moderation when giving or accepting gifts or entertainment in business settings, and all that are given or received must be in compliance with the law.