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Though some cultures view the number 13 as unlucky, FingerTec Worldwide made our own fortune in 2013 with yet another eventful year of business operations. It was a paradigm shift for the brand, as we embarked on our two new corporate strategies of emphasizing on holistic access control systems & organizational knowledge management while maintaining ongoing sales promotion & market localization efforts. Here is a quick recap of what FingerTec have done in 2013.
Emphasizing Holistic Security Systems                  Organizational Knowledge Management
With the introduction of the Ingress software and Ingressus controllers, FingerTec has firmly sets its foot in the Access Control industry. Coupled with the release of new mobile apps, together with our sister company, EpiCamera for IP cam integration, the brand has definitely moved from simply securing doors to providing a holistic security system that is easily able to safeguard whole premises.   In order to help the FingerTec family get more acquainted with the Access Control industry, we’ve also embarked on more progressive organizational knowledge management by releasing the FingerTec access control sub-site, Academia articles to highlight industry issues, the Webinar program for a orderless learning environment as well as a makeover of the official FingerTec blog.
Ongoing Sales Promotions   Product’s Market Localization
To help our resellers promote FingerTec products, the company has been introducing sales promotions once every 2 months with offers such as getting certain terminals for free, bundled packages of our hardware with new accessories in addition to our updated line of novelty souvenirs, including high-quality t-shirts, acrylic coasters and elegant stationeries.   Being available in over 170 countries is no easy feat with differing wants and demands across diverse regions, but FingerTec faces the challenge head-on by strengthening our localization efforts, with specific marketing & support materials translated into many languages, as well as the modification of features in our Ingress and TCMS V2 software for specific usages according to certain markets.
Ingress   Ingressus
Yet another software developed by FingerTec, Ingress features advanced access control features such as real-time monitoring, database administration and report management, which are vital for office and building management. The software runs on the familiar MS Windows operating environment and is ideally suited for self-managed organizations of below 100-door environments.   The FingerTec controllers, Ingressus I and II, are designed to provide access control functions for 1 and 2-door environments respectively. Ingressus can be used in combination with FingerTec slave readers and accessories for a more economical and flexible solution. Able to be linked up for a broader implementation, Ingressus is perfect for enterprises of all sizes.
H3i & s-Kadex   Keylock 7700
To expand our target markets and capture small businesses and homes, FingerTec has introduced a new line of non-communicative readers. H3i and s-Kadex are simple plug-and-play door access terminals that require no additional software to function, making them the most economical solution for fingerprint, card and/or password access control.   Popular due to its non-intrusive nature, Keylock 7700 is able to blend in as a doorknob replacement. Its sleek touch-screen keypad and sturdy nature guarantee both style and function as
a fingerprint, card or password verification station. perating on regular AA batteries with a ‘Standby’ option to prolong usage, Keylock 7700 is suitable for securing rooms of high-ranking officers.
Though not officially a FingerTec product, the offering from our sister company is vital in expanding our own product’s functions and capabilities. EpiCamera (www.epicamera.com) is a Cloud Storage Service that enables users to store recorded frames from IP cameras, which can be integrated into Ingress for a more holistic access control system and is suitable for any Cloud technology-ready business environment.