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Today’s consumers’ expectations on the market trend have changed. The days when potential buyers wait back for something new to be introduced to the market are over. Technology users are now becoming demanding, constantly inquiring about new technologies, new features and new outlooks in a product, directly to the manufacturers or indirectly through various reviews and write-ups in online and mainstream publications.

In keeping up with the market’s expectations, FingerTec has introduced various new products to stay ahead of the competition and to fi ll in the gap of its product line in 2012.

Since the birth of the FingerTec brand, research and development has been an integral part of the company. Every eff ort is injected to better our hardware, and at the same time, the focus also is stressed on providing customers with benefi cial and relevant software for the targeted industries.

Over this year, numerous improvements were made to the core software, TCMS V2, which is currently serving thousands of customers worldwide, featurewise as well as on its user-friendliness. Meanwhile, the release of TimeTec Web and TimeTec Cloud at the end of the year aims to satisfy the need for SME customers who prioritize data connectivity 24/7.

And in all the excitement to look forward to 2013, we end the year with a bang by introducing Ingress, the advanced access control management software, which targets the security sector at large. This software will mark the beginning of FingerTec’s in-depth journey into the access control industry, bringing the focus now equally to door access as our time attendance line.

Glancing back at the past 12 months, here is an quick look at what made the year 2012 at FingerTec a memorable and eventful one.

 •   New Product Releases: Face recognition, slave terminals, and a variety of software applications; it was a successful production year for FingerTec!
 •   Website Re-launch: We went through a complete makeover of our offi cial website in 2012. Now enjoy a more contemporary navigation-style to our various resources.
 •   Active Advertising: From magazines to social media to online marketing. FingerTec is gaining momentum in advertising!
 •   Achievement Awards: FingerTec was awarded Certifi cate of Excellence by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Malaysia.