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Date Country  Title EN SP
07-05-13 Dominican Republic FingerTec Provides Security and Simplicity to Sybaris Residences  
07-05-13 Malaysia FingerTec Equips Medical Centre with Time Attendance Solution  
07-05-13 Bahrain FingerTec Impresses UNEECO of Bahrain  
07-05-13 Jordan FingerTec Upgrades Time Attendance System for Modern American School  
12-04-13 Malaysia FingerTec Helps Plastic Manufacturer Update its Time Attendance Solution  
12-04-13 Ghana FingerTec Provides Services for Server Room in Ghana Airports Company Limited  
12-04-13 Hong Kong FingerTec Stamps its Mark in Green Island Cement’s Management Efficiency  
05-03-13 UAE Fingertec Drives Arabia Taxi Group to Better, Centralized Time Attendance Solution  
05-03-13 United Kingdom FingerTec and Global Services Consultancy Join Forces to Provide Time Attendance Solution for Euro Garages  
05-03-13 Australia FingerTec and ULR Automotive Group - United, Let’s Roll!  
05-03-13 Singapore FingerTec Constructs Solution for International Conglomerate, The Bauer Group  
05-03-13 Malaysia FingerTec Brings DKV Automobil Up to Speed with Time Attendance Solution  
07-02-13 Malaysia Kadex Series Wins Over Western Digital  
07-02-13 Turkey FingerTec Riding High with Viking International  
07-02-13 Dominican Republic Bagricola Saying ‘Hola’ to FingerTec  
05-01-13 Hong Kong FingerTec Customized for Luxury Housing Estate in Hong Kong  
05-01-13 Malaysia Aquacultural Park, iSHARP, Installs Fingertec