FingerTec SDKs

Biobridge SDK


TimeTec SDK

Ingressus SDK

Biobridge SDK connects all FingerTec biometrics terminals with one single ActiveX components; enabling you to write your own programs and link them to FingerTec hardware without much hassle.
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Webster acts as a platform that lets you access raw time attendance data from FingerTec hardware either installed locally or remotely, letting you to connect the data to your third party application software effortlessly.
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TimeTec SDK provides a Web service Application Programming Interface (API) to enable third party application developers to integrate with TimeTec.
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Ingressus SDK is designed to let you control your slave terminals from one central point. Ingressus SDK is provided for any developers to integrate Ingressus controllers with their third party access control software.
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Online Fingerprint Identification System (OFIS) SDK allows you to seamlessly and easily integrate with any solutions and systems to enhance its threshold security and to solve the loose remote and online verification issue.
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