By Afiq Jauhari
We have all experienced those moments at our workplace where our eyes just refuse to open and our minds refuse to work no matter how hard you try to keep awake and alert. You could have been having a late night with your buddies, or trying hard to get your newborn to sleep; either way, here are some quick and useful ways for you to keep your mojo at the office.
Don’t skip breakfast.
It is the most important meal of the day, and provides your body and mind the energy it needs to start the day afresh.
Keep a potted plant on your desk.
Especially if you work indoors, a small plant on your desk will provide you with more oxygen, which helps keep your body alert.
Essential oils.
Stimulating your sense of smell with the right essential oil can do the trick. Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Coffee and Peppermint oils can do wonders. However, make sure your neighboring colleagues are fine with it, beforehand.
Rock and roll.
That’s right, listening to fast-paced music can help you stay awake. Bobbing your head to the beat and hearing those familiar lyrics can do wonders for your level of alertness. Do remember that you’re not actually in a rock concert, though - try not to sing out loud unless you are your own boss with your own office space.
Use less phone, and more legs.
Don’t be lazy. Walk over to your colleague’s desk to convey a messageinstead of calling or chatting online. Doing this regularly will keep your blood circulating, and thus increase your level of alertness.
Drink a cup of coffee.
Need we say more? Not only will the caffeine give you the boost, but the energy required in making the cup of coffee itself will bring you back to life.
Keep meals light.
We know the world is rumored to end this year, but stuffing yourself like there’s no tomorrow will not do any good to anyone. Avoid buffets and all-you-can-eats offers. Heavy meals bring your energy levels down as your body is focusing on digesting all that food. Take your time to chew your food, and stop eating once you begin to feel full.
A splash of cold water.
If you don’t have too much makeup on, consider heading to the washroom or a minute to freshen up with some cold water. Again, the action of walking to the bathroom itself can help wake you up.
20 seconds every 20 minutes.
Just because you’re in your cubicle doesn’t mean you can’t do some stretches. Every 20 minutes, roll your head and stretch your arms for 20 - 30 seconds.
And if all the above does not work for you, we’ve saved the best solution for last:
Rub some chilly in your eyes.
This is very effective but highly NOT recommended due to the excruciating pain levels, and the possibility of ending up in the emergency ward.
Hope that last one woke you up!
                  Happy working, everyone!
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