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Experience the simplicity of efficient fingerprint technology in time clocking with FingerTec TA100 Fingerprint Series Time & Attendance System. FingerTec TA100 series offers a ‘touch-and-go’ concept with its powerful one-to-many identification technique which can verify a user with only a touch of fingerprint on the sensor. Neither advance keying in of employee identification number is required nor is time clocking card needed to record time using the FingerTec TA100 series. All users have to do are to verify their enrolled fingerprint at FingerTec TA100. The verification done in less than 2 seconds makes the FingerTec TA100 series an effective time and attendance system for any office and factory environments.

The simplicity of the FingerTec TA100 series extends to its management system where the data recorded at the FingerTec TA100 series readers can be downloaded into Windows based Time Control Management System TCMS V2 software, for viewing, handling, and generation of useful reports. The employer can easily manage all data from all FingerTec TA100 series readers via a PC and employee’s performance can be measured accordingly. The accuracy of the data makes the FingerTec TA100 series escapes false claims and ‘buddy-punching’ occurrences, while simultaneously facilitates punctuality and productivity.

The FingerTec TA100 Fingerprint Series Time & Attendance System simplifies your time clocking system while giving you the efficiency you need to manage your human resources

•  Eliminating “buddy-punching” incidents
•  Collecting clocking data systematically
•  Managing data fast and effective via software
Providing ease of use with combination of fingerprints, password and RFID/MIFARE/HID cards
•  Complete with build-in siren feature
TCP/IP, RS232 and RS485 to connect to PC
USB port available to ease data transfer
Multi-reader managed by powerful TCMS V2
•  Workcode is available to allow users to input clocking reasons
•  Short message display on screen to broadcast company information to users
•  Private message short message display intended for particular users
Local language greetings and display available
Layout Plan
MODEL TA102 TA103 TA100T TA103-R
SURFACE FINISHING Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
PRODUCT DIMENSION (L X W X H), mm 190 x 52 x 140
• Fingerprint templates 1500 2800 1000/ 1500 2800
• Transaction 100000 120000 30000/ 100000 120000
• Methods Fingerprint (1:1, 1:N), Password Fingerprint (1:1, 1:N), Password & Card
• Recommended fingerprint per user ID 2
• Fingerprint placement Any angle
• Verification time (sec) < 1
• FAR (%) < 0.0001
• FRR (%) < 1
• RFID: 64-bit, 125kHz, RF output power (EN300-330) N/A Yes
• MIFARE: MFIS50/S70, 13.56MHz N/A Made to order
• HID: HID 1325, 26-bit, 125kHz N/A Made to order
• Method TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB flash disk
• Baud rates 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
• Temperature (°C) 0 ~ 45
• Humidity (%) 20 ~ 80
• Power input DC5V 2A
• Siren External
• Work codes Yes
• Greeting voice Yes
VOICE / DISPLAY LANGUAGE (TERMINAL) English (Standard) / Other languages are available upon request.
SOFTWARE LANGUAGE English, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Persian, German, Italian, Turkish
Dimension (mm): 300(L) x 90(W) x 225(H)
Weight: 1.6kg