Standardize Hiring Process
Determine your own hiring requirements, hiring flows and hiring teams for various positions in your organization effectively.

Multiple Roles
Assign multiple admin such as Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Coordinators to be involved in the hiring process.
Schedule to Auto-Publish
Schedule to publish the job openings automatically on a date and time set by you.
Sharing Link
Publicize job vacancies after posting by using the automatically generated sharing link.
Drop Resume
Interested candidates who do not meet the minimum qualification can still drop their resume for further consideration.

Landing Page
Embed TimeTec Hire on your website, and use your website to attract and recruit talents. Take control of your own recruitment from start to finish.


Auto Reminder Mailers
Remind applicants and admin staff about scheduled interviews and questionnaire status automatically
Audit Log
Audit log will record all editing activity from Application Form, Qualification & Requirement, Questionnaire, Interview Scorecard and Hiring Workflow created.
On-Boarding Process
Since TimeTec Hire is integrated with TimeTec TA. During the on-boarding process, you can easily export the candidate’s profile to TimeTec TA.
KIV Category
TimeTec Patrol runs on Amazon Information of applicants who do not meet minimum qualification or requirements of jobs will be stored in the Keep in View category.
Post Job Openings
Customize application forms, post jobs and set minimum qualifications and requirements to target the most suitable applicant.
Automated Screening Process
Screen candidates automatically by setting minimum qualifications and requirements. Based on the qualification & requirement set for the job posting, scores will be given to the candidates.
Customize Questionnaires
Customize questionnaire using 5 different types of questions to test candidate’s understanding and expertise of the job.
Weight applicant's interview points on each recruitment stage and shortlist using comprehensive scorecards method.


Check Status
Applicants can log in anytime to check on their recruitment status and update their profile, including contact number.

Managers can monitor the hiring process and make necessary adjustments on the hiring status to get the best person for the job.

Remuneration Package
Offer remuneration packages easily. Applicants can accept, decline or negotiate a remunerations package; ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.
Report Generation
Generate a variety of recruitment reports automatically for analysis, presentation and filling.
Data Integration
All data from newly recruited employees are easily integrated with TimeTec TA.
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