Registration Process Online
Employee/Visitor can pre-register visits ahead of time to save the visitors from all the waiting time and providing of informa- tion. Approval or rejection of a visitor can also be done online with reasons, to speed up the process.
Intact Visitor Data
By having all visitor data intact and available online, the next visit will be a breeze for visitors who are in the white list and the blacklisted visitors will not be allowed entry to the premise with solid reasons.
Automate Process
No more writing in the visitor logbook by security guards/visitors. Manual recording of information is prone to errors and this will provide management with wrong information during emergencies. By having the process automated, data accuracy is not dubious anymore.
User-Friendly Interface
IngressVMS is designed with simple and user intuitive interface making it easy for even a non-IT personnel to handle the system without much training, and guides are provided to smoothen the process along the way.
Easily Assign Door Access
Linked with FingerTec’s comprehensive Door Access software Ingress, visitors can be assigned with door access permission with type of verification, traceable by the system.
Route History
IngressVMS records the route history of each visitor, providing the management with transparent information about all the visits by outsiders to the premise and persons they meet in the company.
Effective Emergency Audit
During emergency, IngressVMS can produce information about visitors who are still in the building and those who have left for authorities to expedite the evacuation process. By having the route history, the authority is informed about the last known entry/exit of visitors to carry out effective evacuation.
Blocked Visitors List
Visitors need to comply with rules and regulations of a premise in order to stay in the white visitor list, failure to do so or repeat offenders will be moved into the black list until further decisions is made by the authorities.
IngressVMS is a full web-based system
Integrated with Ingress Door Access System
Assign access control permission to visitors.
Link third party security solutions such as CCTV and alarm for a comprehensive access system.
Database is host under Ingress MySQL database only.
Generated Important Reports, filterable by selected fields
Profile Report: Lists down all current and previous visitors in the system.
Blacklisted Visitor Report: Provides information about all blacklisted visitors of the company.
Current Status of Visitor Report: Presents the list of all current visitors that are still present in the premise.
Prebooked/Reserved Visitor Report: Displays visitor requests to visit through web application but haven’t checked in.
Total Visitors Report: Lists down quantity of visitors based on a specified date range.
Online guides and manual available
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