DiGiPAY is a simple and effective payroll system exclusively designed for Malaysian companies. It is the all-in-one payroll solutioncompliant with Malaysian labor laws to meet your high expectation. Setup of new payroll data and upgrade of existing payroll data are made simple by DiGiPAY. DiGiPAY offers various payment settings, three salary modes and equips with Human Resources functions to cater to the needs ranging from small companies up to medium enterprises.

Available in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and English language, DiGiPAY is suitable for every company in Malaysia.

DiGiPAY makes complicated payroll processing a simple task!

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• Setup wizard to help your payroll up and running in just a few minutes.
• Payroll Advisor to guide your day-to-day payroll operation.
• On the spot Helper to let you drag and drop on data entry field to get a helpful explanation.
• Icons and toolbars for user-friendly Windows software operations.
• Built-in earning calculations where user is not required to define the complex formula.
• Viewing the calculations of overtime, EPF, SOCSO, PCB and etc.
• Package comes with leave management and staff loan repayment schedules.
• 3 in 1 package for Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or English languages.
• Option to upgrade your existing payroll data to this latest system.
• Option to integrate with FingerTec® TCMS V2 for electronic attendance management.
• Get a hassle-free system implementation from our qualified system installer.
• Online and telephone supports available.
• Convenient update of statutory changes via Internet download or CD.
• Cater to the payroll needs from small companies to medium enterprises.
• Handle multi-companies payroll management.
• Salary Mode: Monthly, Bi-monthly, Daily employees.
• Payment Calculation: Mid-month, End-month, Advance, Deferred and Bonus Payment.
• Payment mode: Bank, Cheque, Cash.
• Built-in earning parameters with recurring allowance for fast payroll processing.
• Instant calculation of payroll net-amount without any processing work.
• Human Resource functions such as detailed employee information, leave management and loan management.
• Option to view or print on hardcopy or diskette downloaded for Bank Payment, EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax.
• Instant reports for Annual Tax Remuneration. (Such as CP159 & CP8D reports as the attachments to FORM E, CP8A/EA)
Founder DiGiPAY report list as below:
Monthly Payroll
Pay Sheet
Pay Cheque
Coinage Analysis
Bank Order
Bank Auto-Pay System
CIMB Autopay Download
HLBB Autopay Download
MBB Autopay Download
PBB Autopay Download
RHB Autopay Download
Statutory Requirements Reports
EPF - Borang Bayaran Caruman
EPF - Borang A
SOCSO - Borang Bayaran Caruman
SOCSO - Borang 8A
SOCSO - Borang 2
SOCSO - Borang 3
TAX - CP 39
TAX - CP 8A/EA Form
TAX - CP 8D/EC Form
TAX - CP 159
TAX - CP 8D-Pin 2010
TAX - Slip Jawapan Individu
ASB - ASB List
Baitulmal - Baitulmal List
Tabung Haji - T/Haji List
Zakat - Zakat List
Statistical Reports
Employment & Wages Statistics
Salary Group Racial Composition
Roster/Leave Management Reports
Leave Taken List
Leave Entitlement Summary
Manpower Analysis Reports
Age Analysis
Service Year Analysis
Manpower Structure Analysis
Employee Particular Reports
Employee Personal Record
Employee List
Join List
Resign List
Work Permit List
Birthday List
Age List
Length of Service List
Analysis of Staff Turnover List
Basic Rate List
Loan Management Reports
Loan Repayment List
Loan Repayment Summary
Tax Schedule PCB/CP38
Tax Schedule List (PCB)
Tax Schedule List (CP38)
Payroll Reports
Payroll Journal
Journal Summary
Reconciliation Summary
Payroll Summary
EPF, SOCSO & Tax List
Overtime Summary
Leave Summary
Allowance Summary
Deduction Summary
Cumulative Payroll Summary
Employee History Summary
Foreign Levy List
HRDF Composition List
Zakat Payment List
Rebate Zakat List
Advance Journal
Bonus Journal
System Configuration Reports
Company Profile/License Deduction List
User List Nationality List
Access Permission List Ethnic List
Payroll Settings Religion List
Day Type List Education List
Leave Type List Position List
Allowance List Branch List
Department List Cost Center List
Job Grade List Category List
Branch Address List Earnings Subject to Statutory
EPF Table SOCSO Table
Tax Table