Value Add your Management Contract
Bundling of i-Neighbour platform with your Management Contract could help retain your best Strata Titled property customers.
Easier Management of Strata Titled Housing Project
Making it easier for Management Company to manage strata titled neighbourhood with an established cloud system like i-Neighbour.
Better Communication
Providing an efficient and effective communication platform between Management Company and homeowners.
Better Payment Collection
Providing a payment gateway for homeowners to pay maintenance fees, sinking fund, and etc to improve collection.
Install Modern Visitor Management System
Providing contemporary visitor management system and do away with the conventional system, which has been proven ineffective.
Better Feature, Enhance Image and Branding
Providing Management Company and homeowners with value added features and creating better branding and image for the properties under their portfolio.
Make Extra Income
With 30% profit sharing, Management Company can earn extra income from the subscription, as well as from the profit margin from selling IoT hardware products that integrate with i-Neighbour.
Invaluable Features & Benefits for Management Company
Easy Setup and Configuration
With i-Neighbour, Management Company only needs to set up the system once to make it ready and available in the Web and App portals for immediate deployment.
Build Neighbourhood Community Immediately
Homeowners or tenants can join i-Neighbour straightaway. As the homeowners/tenants inviting the family members into the system, the community expands and ties up nicely at the same time.
Readily Available Useful Information for House Buyers
i-Neighbour provides Info Zone for Management Company to publish useful information to residents, making disbursement of information complete and inclusive.
• Announcement:For all homeowners/tenants and their family members who are also i-Neighbour members.
• Message: Personalized message to individual homeowners complete with document and photo attachment feature in various formats.
• Documents: Management Company can upload all documents such as various forms, meeting minutes and etc.
• Contacts: Management Company can publish relevant contacts including emails, phone numbers for residents to access easily.
Established Payment Gateway
Management Company can integrate i-Neighbour solution with GHL payment gateway and SQL accounting system for homeowners to pay all kinds of payments to JMB/MC account directly online or via a smartphone.
Report Submission Made Easy
Homeowners can use the Report feature to report defects in their units and submit complaints about incidents/ defects at the public areas through i-Neighbour App along with photo proofs. This Report feature saves all the hassles to fill up forms for report purposes. Homeowners will be notified in the similar App with ticketing system built in the management module, when the Management Company has rectified the defects, making following up on report cases traceable.
Modern Visitor Management System
i-Neighbour can be implemented to handle visitor comings and goings. Use i-Neighbour to institute Visitor Management System from the very beginning to eliminate criminal cases that usually happen in the early period of any neighbourhood.
Enhance Security and Automation with IoT
i-Neighbour can integrate with IoT (Internet of Things) security products such as smart lock, vehicle number plate recognition system, ip camera and etc., and installation of the these optional security devices can enhance the security and automation at a neighbourhood without incurring bloated cost as well as complicated and separate installation.
Great Features & Benefits for Homeowners and Residents
The Good Things Continue
All benefits of i-Neighbour will be available for the homeowners and residents when they adopt the system, and the system admin access level can be customized and assigned to certain authorized JMB/MC committees.
Effective Facility Booking
i-Neighbour comes complete with Facility Booking feature that allows residents to book available facilities in the neighbourhood simply by using the i-Neighbour App or through the Web. There is no need to go to the management office for simple matter like facility booking.
Fair and Inclusive e-Polling
Eliminate discontentment of the JMB/MC’s decisions when homeowners can take part in the Polling exercise themselves. Gather residents’ opinions effortlessly through i-Neighbour ePolling feature.
InfoZone Control
JMB/MC may involve in customization of their own rules to manage visitors into their neighbourhood through i-Neighbour.
Manage Visitor Management System
JMB/MC may involve in customization of their own rules to manage visitors into their neighbourhood through i-Neighbour.
Publish Events
Through i-Neighbour, the JMB/MC can publish organized events for example lantern festival, Potluck Party, AGM and many more, and the system can handle pre-registration, and event review.
i-Merchant to Serve the Neighbourhood
i-Merchant can better the life of the residents when they can book, order, purchase and browse the nearby shops through iNeighbour App.
Pricing Structure
•   3-month free trial period will be given to every registered neighbourhood that is managed by the Management Company.
•   Upon completion of the 3-month free trial period, Management Company needs to pay the subscription fee by monthly/quarterly/annually. And to avoid service disruption, i-Neighbour offers auto-debit for convenience.
•   30% profit sharing based on RM2 per unit household is offered to the Management Company.
Example: If a neighbourhood consists of 500 units household (irrespective of the size), the total subscription fees and profit for Management Company would be:
Subscription Fees: : RM2.00 x 500 x 12-month = RM12,000 annually
Total Profit: RM12,000 x 30% = RM3,600 annually
Note: : The subscription price is not inclusive of any optional IoT security products mentioned above. The IoT security products are sold and installed separately
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