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  Have you checked out
what FingerTec has done lately?
We have been producing Academia, pseudo-academic articles on technology and marketing
prepared especially
for you.
  YES, you heard it right.
For YOU!
Take the time to understand the technology and the application of the FingerTec system in detail by reading the technology white papers and many more.   Broaden your target market with vast knowledge to spark ideas and enlarge your potential market!   Attach the documents to your sales pitch to engage your audience even more, be it in a mailer, snail mail, etc.
Academia contains articles targeted towards specific technologies and how that technology and the designed application could fit into certain industries. Lengthy explanations and case studies are presented in detail to provide you with relevant information. This initiative is meant to make it easier for our end-users, partners, resellers, and distributors to gain meaningful information regarding the biometrics technology employed in time attendance and access control solutions.
Face Recognition Technology White Paper
Schematic Diagram of FingerTec
TimeTec Cloud Security -
Facing Security Challenges Head-On
Managing Hotel Employees Effectively
Reduce the Intricacies of Nurse Scheduling Management in Healthcare Industry with Biometric Implementation
Highlighting The Importance
Higher Education Industry for Students
If you can’t find the industry you are looking for and you want us to write about it, send your request to editorial@fingertec.com.   If you are an expert in your field and you would like to contribute to Academia, we welcome your contribution with open arms.
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