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FingerTec Stamps its Mark in Green Island Cement’s Management Efficiency
By Ms. Tamy Phoon, International Sales & Marketing Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
The demand and popularity of smart card access control & time attendance systems is growing rapidly. Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited (GIC) operates the only integrated cement plant in Hong Kong and has decided to improve its existing management system by implementing a card access control system to improve its overall operational efficiency.
The Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited Headquarter
When asked about the company’s reception of the FingerTec products, the representative from ULR, Peter, mentioned “(we are) happy with the (installation) and service”. In fact, TimeTec Web has impressed the ULR management to the extent that they have decided to migrate to FingerTec’s TimeTec-Box, also known in other regions as the T-Box. This all-in-one solution eliminates the hassles of setting up as it combines hardware, software and accessories in one box. Peter goes on to share that “(we are) also looking forward to move to the new TimeTec-Box system” and this enthusiasm marks a new beginning for the relationship between FingerTec and ULR.
Complete Record Log is Key for Staff Management
Modern machinery and equipment contribute towards a high-efficiency production line, but staff management problems often become a stumbling stone for sustainable development. Mr. James Wai from GIC’s Maintenance Department mentions; “There were cases where the staff were misplacing and abusing the machines. There was also once where an employee from an outsourcing company used our forklift after office hours and caused an accident”. Wai goes on to explain that they were facing difficulties in keeping track of their staffs’ movements due to there being no records. This has led to the urgent need of employing control over the machinery after office hours, and inspired the company to seek a general smart card access control system.
Synergy of Hardware and Software Cooperating with Each Other
GIC deploys its machines all over its premises, both indoors and outdoors. The company decided to employ FingerTec's Kadex devices for its warehouse access control management and also to control the switches of the machine controller. The data obtained from the transactions are then stored and analyzed using FingerTec’s TCMS V2 software. James explained that the FingerTec products used enables them to not only limit access to only authorized employees, but also to keep track of its usage. This is important in determining the machinery’s relative wear and tear, as the data is then analyzed to ensure efficiency in using all available resources.
Potential Development of System Applications
The TCMS V2 software used by the company is a powerful and comprehensive management tool that can provide detailed usage information, while being flexible enough to accommodate different environments with corresponding adjustments. In addition to being able to confirm an authorized person’s identity; through a variety of different settings, TCMS V2 can specify the period of use for an authorized person to further improve the efficiency of resource usages. The TCMS V2 software’s ability to support integration with a third-party software has effectively saved their departments from redundancies as they are employing third-party software in the main applications of the plant. This compatibility has also enabled them to finally practice a more efficient access control, machine usage control, security patrols, canteen meal tickets and other central group operations, further proving that FingerTec products can adapt and adjust to meet almost any situation.
  A Kadex reader (top right corner) connected to one of the machineries Another FingerTec device (top left corner) used
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