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FingerTec Supports Yayasan Dazhi’s Ventures
Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community! - Anthony J. D'Angelo
Yayasan Dazhi is a foundation inaugurated by a group of individuals who are dearly passionate about conserving the history and essence of Buddhism in Malaysia. The pillar of Yayasan Dazhi is to cultivate awareness on the works and activities that are carried out by the Buddhist temples and organizations in the country.
As a non-profit organization Yayasan Dazhi has worked unyieldingly, striving to build a significant outcome to raise and preserve Buddha's timeless wisdom in the country and making it available to modern people in their everyday lives. Its work began with the kindness and the charitable nature of the surrounding local community. Most of the events and happenings are self-supported solely by volunteers and funded through, fundraisings and donations.
In conjunction with their aim, the organization conducts various activities to bridge gaps within the local community. One of its many endeavors is to encourage intercultural relationships and performing social welfare activities together as a team.

To be a part of Yayasan Dazhi’s endeavours, FingerTec takes great joy in extending a donation to support and to further encourage the good work. This is to express our gratitude and encouragement to Yayasan Dazhi’s undertakings and unfailing commitment towards the local community that indirectly brings about change in the society as a whole.

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