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FingerTec TA500 is a Wholesome Solution to Amul Dairy Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union
Aging over six decades Amul dairy Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union (Amul) has crossed a long journey to arrive as one of India’s renowned milk producers. Attributing their achievements to the humble famers of Indian the company firmly believes that true development of an organization or nation lies in the development of its people. In that note effective human resource management from all levels of the labor force within the company is never taken easily.
Operating at is best Amul was looking forward to establish an all rounded system to operate its biggest asset, its team to ensure that the employees are not mismanaged and at the same time to make available transparency within the organization. As such upon consulting Orange Technolab (P) LTD our trusted reseller in India, Amul was convinced to give TA500 a try. Concerning the direction given, the management was keener on prioritizing time attendance and thus on that note TA500 appeared to be an interesting and affordable deal for the company.

The newly implemented system acted well to capture their executive’s attendance, manager’s shift, late arrivals and other forms of loopholes and time mismanagement to regularize the employee’s daily attendance.

Within a month of trial period Amul was very pleased with TA500’s performance, convenience and accuracy that tagged along. HR affairs were simplified in a tremendous manner due to the neat clock-in, clock-out records that are precise, reliable and its genuineness is unquestionable. A lot of the previous issues and hurdles were curtailed and the management team now manages smoothly despite having to deal with workers of all levels and categories with multiple shifts and work location sites.
Also Amul, with the recent adaptation of TA500 is now able to pin down the late clock-ins and clock-outs, which are not aligned with the company’s standard working hours. With these details the overall payroll management flow is at ease to ensure that all employees are correctly paid to avoid wastages. This also helps to cultivate a disciplined culture amongst the employees.

TA500 served as an effective and affordable solution. The features are pretty comprehensive and all well dynamic with its biometrics and RFID Card verification availabilities with the ability to save up to 2000 fingerprints and 80000 transaction logs. Having mentioned its affordable pouched package TA500’s attributes are not compromised as its built and integrated with high quality materials, software, user-friendliness and dependable technical support for a great user experience.

Amul is apparently happy with the results and is looking forward to further develop its team and maintain a high level of genuineness and efficiency its workforce management.

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