Firstly, we at FingerTec would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has graciously participated in our survey. As most of you already know, FingerTec has been carrying out an online survey for this past month. The main aim of this online survey was to get a better picture about the strengths and weaknesses of FingerTec’s service cycle from our dealers’ point of view.

This survey consisted of 9 objective questions, and 1 optional open-ended question. These questions were pooled based on the company’s current rules of thumb and views of ideal practices (referred to as “rules”). The details of the participants were kept anonymous for this survey. Only the country origin was requested as a demographic for this survey. Resellers from more than 50 countries participated in this survey. The feedback from this survey was tabulated and scored, and the table below shows the summary of the responses received.

Don’t Know
Have we provided you with high standards of service?
Have we provided you with sufficient information?
Are we being open and honest with you?
Are you happy with the choices of product we present to you?
Do we consult you about our products?
Have we been courteous to you?
Are we a bunch of helpful people?
Do we always put things right for you?
Are we providing you with value for money?
For each question, customer's satisfaction is measured as a combination of the responses “Always” and “Mostly”. The analysis of the scores show that for each question, more than 50% answered “Always” and “Mostly” collectively, with the exception of question no 5, where less than 50% answered “Always” or “Mostly” collectively. Below are the summaries of the findings for question 1-9 followed by the open-ended Question by a brief explanation of our action plans for the future.
Rule 1: Provide High Standard of Service
84% Customers Are Happy with Rule No. 1
The aim of rule no. 1 is to receive feedback on our overall services that we provide you such as training, technical support, sales & marketing support and materials. As you can see, the statistics of the feedback for this question is on the positive side, showing that you, our clients, are more or less satisfied with our standards of services. We at FingerTec will therefore continue with our efforts to provide you with only the highest possible quality of service at all times.
Rule 2: Provide Information to Customers
77% Customers Are Happy with Rule No. 2
This rule is regarding the provision of marketing and support information as well as materials to our dealers. Our materials cover our catalogue, brochures, demo kits, videos, as well as various factsheets published in the monthly online newsletters and also in our support micro sites at sales.fingertec.com and tips.fingertec.com. We are pleased to know our clients receive the information that we want to convey and we pledge to provide you with the latest information about FingerTec for your benefits.
Rule 3: Be Open And Honest With Customers
85% Customers Are Happy With Rule No. 3
Is our communication about our products a realistic one? Are we honest with you about the capacity, possible defects, and even glitches in the product(s)? 85% of you think so. At FingerTec, we believe in providing our resellers with all the information required, whether positive or otherwise, to enable them to promote the product more efficiently and more sincerely. We will not cease this practice as it is clear that most of you are pleased with our honesty, as can be derived from this survey.
Rule 4: Provide Choice to Customers
87% Customers Are Happy with Rule No. 4
From the Kadex series to the Face ID 2, FingerTec tries its best to bring you variety in our products with multi verification methods through RFID card, fingerprint matching, password authentication, facial recognition and a combination of these methods. We try to provide you with different products that suit different environments to help you widen your group of targeted clients. As seen from the feedback we received, most of you are satisfied with the choices of products that we are providing you. Nonetheless, we still have room to improve. Our research & development team will be always working on the go to produce better, faster, and more effective biometrics solutions so as to keep up with current market needs.
Rule 5: Consult With Customers
48% Customers Are Happy with Rule no. 5
The distance between FingerTec and most of the clients perhaps could be the major stumbling block that disallows us to consult about FingerTec products effectively with our clients. From the feedback in Rule 2, it is apparent that we do provide sufficient information about our products. However, 50% of you still think that we need to provide consultation on top of the information. Efforts must be taken to try to provide clients with a good consultation about our products, especially when it comes to implementation and finding the best FingerTec solution for a specific industry, area, or project, so that in return they could provide the same to their end-clients. Though distance is a factor, we will overcome this hurdle so that we can allow our clients to prosper
Rule 6: Be Courteous To Customers
82% Customers Are Happy With Rule No. 6
Our dealings at FingerTec are done mainly through email consultations. As a company, we realize that business done in this way leads to possibilities of misunderstandings and miscommunications. However, we welcome you to communicate with us any inquiries that you may have to clear any doubts. The aim of this question is to get feedback about whether we, as business consultants, are polite and courteous when handling orders and inquiries. From the feedback given, we can see that you, our clients, are mostly satisfied with our courtesy levels, with a little room for improvement. We are glad for the compliments, and from this, we will work to improve our courtesy level and the quality of our customer service to always match your expectations.
Rule 7: Be Helpful To Customers
85% Customers Are Happy With Rule No. 7
Apart from courteousness, we would also like to know if the inquiries submitted to us are resolved, and whether we do our best to resolve them. From an overall feedback of helpfulness, more than 85% of you seem satisfied with our helpfulness. This feedback is important as it tells us that we are doing the right thing. Sometimes we do go to great lengths to make you happy. We will continue providing you with our services, and try our best to improve on areas that are lacking.
Rule No 8: Put Things Right For Customers
71% Customers Are Happy With Rule No. 8
At FingerTec, we try our best to provide you with full support of our products. We understand that in the technical industry, there can be many kinds of complications could occur. Our role is to help fix it. The feedback that was given for this question shows that most of the participants found that we put things right for our clients most of the time. One of the constraints to providing the best customer service is the different time zones of our international clients. However, our clients will be pleased to know that FingerTec will be looking into providing a round the clock customer care consultancy which will solve all your inquiries and technical difficulties in the future.
Rule 9: Provide Value For Money
76% Customers Are Happy With Rule No. 9
Do we provide you with value for money? From the results, it can be deduced that most of you seem to think likewise. The reason FingerTec manages to keep its quality high for a reasonable price is that almost all of its resources are available online in our user-friendly websites, therefore reducing time and cost, and in return benefitting our dealers tremendously. The efforts we do such as providing manuals and video guides have helped to increase the value of our brand. Our pledge to you is to make things easy and we found that many of our dealers are making use of the resources online in your everyday’s business operation. The results show that we have a little room for improvement. However, instead of being satisfied and complacent, we take this as a challenge to further add value to the brand that is now growing internationally.
Question 10: Open Ended
Apart from the 9 objective rating questions above, an open-ended question was inserted to allow any kind of feedback that was not covered. The feedback for this question was then compiled and coded into 3 categories which are positive comments, negative comments, and suggestions. Below, we highlight some issues that were brought up in these 3 categories.
Amongst the positive feedback received were comments appreciating our products and our efforts in supporting our resellers by providing them with sufficient marketing materials, training, guidelines and so on.
Some of the negative feedback highlighted the lack of support for countries with a different time zone than Malaysia. As mentioned above, we would like to inform that we are looking into providing a 24-customer care line for our products. This might take time to implement and we request our clients to be patient until then.

Another issue that was brought up was the difficult-to-understand manual as well as software configurations. We are pleased to inform you that we are currently working toward making the manuals more user friendly and more comprehensive, which includes better translations for all the manuals.

Pricing issues were also emphasized by a few respondents in this survey quoting stiff competitions by China-made products that are of abundance in the market. We are not denying the presence of other cheaper products in the market but we are confident that FingerTec is providing value to its customers and is a more reliable brand compared to many out there.

Lack of consultation about products as being mentioned above was another response we received in question 10. There are cases where dealers need us to consult them thoroughly particularly when it involves large projects. Since distance is a factor, we have to find an effective way to communicate with our dealers about this matter.

* Each section represents the percentage of customers who are satisfied with each rule.
The strengths of the organization come from the fact that FingerTec® provides ample choices for customers (rule 4), provides high standard of service (rule 1), is open and honest with customers (rule 3), and is courteous and helpful to customers (rules 6 and 7).

The weakness of the organization is that we do not provide enough consultation to our customers. From the survey we have learnt that although we provide various forms of information and tips, our customers still have a strong need for support from the aspect of consultation, which we will work toward providing.

To sum it up, FingerTec needs to invest more efforts into attending to every client’s needs specifically. It’s after all in line with our “going-in” strategy that has been conveyed by FingerTec’s Managing Director recently.

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