One of FingerTec devices main function is access control. However, there is always a possibility some might try to override this system to gain access to an area not authorized to them. To eliminate or prevent such circumstances, some of FingerTec’s models are equipped with the option to connect the terminals to an external alarm system that would get activated whenever someone tries to override the system or gain entry to an unauthorized area by force. The alarm feature is compatible with FingerTec® models that have an access control feature, which are the following models:
The alarm feature from FingerTec® works with a 3rd party alarm system as an add-on security to the hardware, door activities and duress activities. The FingerTec® device will trigger the alarm system during an emergency or a break in scenario, for the purpose of alerting the other users inside the restricted premise or the general public around the area, of danger.

The method to activate and to adjust the mode of alarm output is different among the above mentioned models. For the models R2, Kadex and M-Kadex, the settings can be adjusted in the terminal as below:

System Option
Advance Option
Auto Alarm
Y (NC) or N (NO)
The wiring diagram to connect the 3rd party external alarm system is shown below:
Wiring of alam system for R2, Kadex & m-Kadex
For the models i-Kiosk 100, Q2i and i-Kiosk 100Plus, no settings adjustment is required at the FingerTec terminal. All you have to do is, connect the “Alarm Out” wires to the NC or NO connection points at the back of terminal.
Coonection points for the NC and NO terminal
The NC and NO wiring diagrams for the mentioned models is shown as below:
NC alarm output
NO alarm output
How does it work?
The alarm output is controlled by a DC12V relay, or also referred to as “Dry Contact”. It acts as an ON or OFF switch to trigger alarm system when:
A. The terminal is illegally dismantled
B. Duress option (A code or an assigned finger is used to trigger off an alarm)
C. Door ajar (Only works if attached with a door sensor)
D. Door is not closed (Only works if attached with a door sensor)
When choosing either the NO or NC alarm output setting on the FingerTec® terminals, it is strongly advised that users understand the alarm system to know which type of alarm output has the best fit with their workplace requirements. Refer to the table below for further explanation of the alarm output settings.
Alarm output settings at FingerTec® models Terminal & Door Activity Circuit Status Alarm
Normally Closed
Normal operation Closed circuit Alarm Off
Terminal is illegally dismantled Open circuit Alarm Activated
Duress activity
Door ajar
Door is not closed
Turn off alarm Closed circuit Alarm Off
Normally Open
Normal operation Open circuit Alarm Off
Terminal is illegally dismantled Closed circuit Alarm Activated
Duress activity
Door ajar
Door is not closed
Turn off alarm Open circuit Alarm Off
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