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5-Star Hotel in Jordan Fitted with Face ID 3
by Mr. Jawad Yaqoub, Sales & Technical Manager, Euro Jordan Trading Co.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is a 5-star lavishly decorated hotel, located just minutes from the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan. Offering luxurious hospitality in the grand European style, the hotel will now be known for its efficient staff management as well.

The IT Manager and HR Manager from Kempinski were looking for a time attendance system to be implemented, to ease staff monitoring and payroll calculations. Getting recommendations from our resellers, JDS and Sky Software, the Kempinski Hotel Management decided to follow these recoomendations and employed us at Euro Jordan Trading Co. to implement FingerTec’s facial recognition system, the Face ID 2.

The view from Kempinski Hotel

As JDS and Sky Software are two companies known for their excellent hotel solutions, they had integrated a HR and Payroll solution for the hotel with the FingerTec devices, using the provided SDK by FingerTec.
With this efficient combination for hotel solutions in place, we hope to be able to extend our clientele base to other top hotels, while working closely with JDS and Sky Software for a seamless integration.
Jordan is popular tourist destination, with travelers coming from all over the globe to see the waters of the must-see Dead Sea for themselves. Also known as the Salt Sea, its surface and shores are 423 meters below sea level, making it Earth’s lowest elevation on land. And if you are looking for accommodation with style in the area, why not check out the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar just around the corner?
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