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New Price List of FingerTec Souvenirs for Resellers
FingerTec have updated the price list of our souvenirs for our resellers. We have recently introduced a new range of products, including coasters, t-shirts, canvas bags and ballpoint pens and they are now available at affordable prices. These souvenirs can be used as a token of appreciation or as a mean to promote FingerTec products to existing and target customers.
You will be satisfied with the range of recently released souvenirs we have with prices that are simply value for money. If you are interested, you can request for the price list from our friendly sales people who are ready to assist you.
For more info about our updated price list, please email us at or call us at +603-80709933.
Updated Brochures, Now in Thai and Vietnamese Languages
Recently, FingerTec has made some updates to its product brochures. The Ingress brochure now has some new information added to it, including additional details about our comprehensive audit trail that records ANY activity done in the application as well as our IP camera software integration capabilities. The updated brochure comes in PDF and HTML formats.
To those who are interested to be resellers in Thailand and Vietnam, we are pleased to announce that our brochures are now available in Thai and Vietnamese languages. Visit the links below to find out more about these new additions to the existing brochures.
for Thai:
Click Here
for Vietnamese:
Click Here
FingerTec AC100C Videos for the Spanish Market
With the rising demand in the Spanish market, FingerTec is proud to release AC100C tutorial videos in Spanish! This is a great way for the Spanish market to help understand our products better as it is a crucial must for the localization of promotional materials to benefit our customers from around the world.
The tutorial videos explain the uses of AC100C, such as enrolment and verification methods, as well as managing users and editing time and date. Some of AC100C’s features, such as work codes and short message display, are also shown to further accentuate what AC100C has to offer.
Click Here
To view the videos
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