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  Migrating your TCMS Data into Ingress:
  What You Need to Know
The new Ingress (version is now available to all FingerTec customers. The software is loaded with enhanced door access features and this new version will smooth data migration from TCMS V2 to Ingress, making it easier for existing customers to switch to Ingress.

In this new version, the Migration Wizard is embedded to assist you with the process. The types of data that you could migrate from TCMS V2 to Ingress are listed below:

(user info, fingerprint and face templates)
Group Duty Roster
Leave types
Audit Data
(Current year data only)
System Setting
(day type wages, Time format, hour format, date format, payroll cycle, first day of week, payroll start date, currency symbol)
Ingress is available for FREE with the purchase of any FingerTec products and for any existing FingerTec product users. We encourage you to try Ingress and for you who are comfortable with TCMS V2, read why you should switch Here.
Head on to the link below to learn more on how to migrate your data from TCMS V2 smoothly to Ingress:
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