(by Ms. Nisha Tara Naidu, Sales & Marketing Executive, FingerTec WorldWide)
Anyung haseiyo! This year, FingerTec’s annual trip took place in none other than the beautiful setting of South Korea, or as known through various tourism commercials as the “Seoul of Asia”. With the autumn season just ending and winter just beginning, we couldn’t have picked a better time to visit this oriental country with such warm and welcoming citizens.

Every year, FingerTec Worldwide has an annual trip to a different country as a way to relax, unwind, and motivate our staff for the upcoming year as well as giving the company the chance to reward their staff for one year’s worth of great effort. Seeing the rich foliage of brown, yellow, red and green was definitely a reward to our eyes which are only used to seeing one-seasoned evergreen trees.

Upon arriving, our tour guide taught us several Korean words to get us around (such as ‘anyung haseiyo’ which means ‘how are you’). We visited various places such as the windy mountaintop of Mount Sorak National Park, Nami Island (the filming place of the famous Korean drama “Winter Sonata”), the Naksana Temple, the presidential residence called the “Blue House”, the royal Changdeokdung Palace, various marketplaces, the Everland theme park (which is a must-see!) and also got the chance to try our hands at preparing the signature Korean side dish, Kimchi (pickled vegetables in spicy sauce) at the Kimchi School, and at sculpting ice at the Ice Gallery.

The people in Korea, despite not knowing English, always give their best to be hospitable and polite. Even their language, though it may be alien to us, seems so gentle and attractive, as are the fashionable women of Korea.

FingerTec has yet to make its debut in this Asian country yet. As Korea can be ranked among one of the more established countries in Asia (society-wise and technology-wise alike) penetrating the Korean market may prove to be a tougher than most other countries, being the home country of internationally successful electronic brands such as Samsung and LG, which produce almost every electronic item in their country. We do hope, however, that our brand will come to their attention soon enough, as our strength does not only lie in our technology, but also in our marketing tools and support – in short, our brand value “Making Things Easy”.

We spent a total of 5 days in South Korea which passed by surprisingly fast! Visiting the country was truly a cultural experience for all of us, as we had gotten the chance to experience and try different places, foods and so on. It was a sad time when we had to step into the Air Asia plane heavy-heartedly and say goodbye to Korea, although for some of us, the thought of the warm weather back in Malaysia (as opposed to the chilly and windy weather we were not used to in Korea) did motivate us to take the step. Hopefully, we will return to the Seoul of Asia again, this time with our FingerTec demo units in hand! Gamsahabnida (Thank you) everyone!
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