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The fire alarm system is a part of a total security system. A total security system should provide burglary protection as well as the fire proctection. The latest range of total security systems are able to report an intrusion or a fire to a security office or directly to the local police or fire department. An article about integrating the FingerTec terminal with the security system was published here a few months back. This article, however, will cover the topic of integrating FingerTec terminals with a fire alarm system.
The advantage of installing a fire alarm system is to provide reliability and efficiency in the event a fire emergency should occur. People are also protected even while they are asleep. The fire alarm will alert all individuals so that everyone is able to evacuate safely without getting injured. Not only that, the fire alarm system can be manually activated if someone for other emergencies such as chemical spills or any other threats, therefore alerting the occupants of a building to vacate the area. Some insurance companies even offer reduced premium rates for buildings or homes if a proper fire alarm system is installed.
The fire alarm system consist of a control panel which is connected to the smoke detectors, emergency break glass devices, heat detectors, LED flashers, water sprinklers, alarms, FingerTec door access terminals and etc. If there is any fire activity present, the smoke detector and the heat detector will set off the LED flashers, water sprinklers and alarms within the premises simultaneously. You can either use the emergency break glass device or the FingerTec terminal to unlock all the doors and proceed to the evacuation assembly spot.
The fire alarm systems can also be used to alert users if there is a medical emergency. By using the duress finger to perform verification at the FingerTec terminal, it will trigger the alarm to alert others and request for help. The AdapTec Plus with its backup battery will provide backup power in case there is a power outage. Please refer to the below diagram for wiring guide.
When the smoke detector, heat detector or emergency break glass device is activated during a fire, it will send a signal to the fire alarm control panel. The fire alarm control panel will then send a signal to trigger the NC relay. The NC relay will open its circuit to cut the voltage from the power supply to the EM locks, thus unlocking the doors to enable safe passage to the evacuation assembly point.
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