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As we approach the brand new year of 2013, FingerTec yet again launches its second edition of the Beyond Biometrics annual magazine. We’ve heard all the success stories from our resellers globally, and now its time let these articles travel even further.
In Beyond Biometrics 2013, we move our theme towards the skies, highlighting on cloud attendance systems, and our various advanced software and hardware released in the past year.
In this edition as well, we have included a brief catalogue for the recipients to have a look on FingerTec’s latest and best-selling hardware, as well as a software selection guide. The magazine can thus function as a marketing tool, while providing users with an overall view of our products and services.
This magazine will be released at the start of 2012, and will be distributed at all exhibitions participated globally, not forgetting to our valued distributors and resellers.
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