Global News (Middle East)  Saudi Arabia | 04/12/2015
Najran University Enrolls with FingerTec
The Najran University is located on the eastern extension of the city of Najran on an area amounting to 18 million square meters, and thus is the largest university campus in Saudi Arabia. The university consists of 25 Colleges (15 male, 10 female) with a capacity of 45 thousand students. To accommodate all university activities, facilities include management building, medical and research centers, and sports and recreation centers. The area around the university also includes commercial centers, schools, and hotels.

The Deanship of Communications and Information Technology of the university trusted FingerTec to provide control for the operations of entry and exit doors for the information center building.

Taysseer Services Trading CO., chooses FingerTec i-Kiosk 100 Plus to meet the university’s requirements for a solid access control solution. With the Ingress software tasks can be more professionally and systematically while also increasing the security of the building. By using FingerTec’s data processor software, the entire access control system can be easily integrated with the university HR system ensuring that management can run all operations smoothly with no hassle.

The i-Kiosk 100 Plus includes multiple verification methods including biometrics for fingerprint, access cards, and passcodes. With the Ingress software built in, door activity can be managed remotely while also including time attendance features.

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