Global News (Middle East)  UAE | 04/12/2015
TimeTec TA Sets Sail with White Line Shipping Company
White Line is a shipping company linking the Far-East and Middle-East ports to the Mediterranean and North African ports. White Line offers a reliable Weekly Container Service from the ports in the mentioned regions in addition to regular feeder shuttle within the Mediterranean. White Line also accepts project cargoes, vehicles and break-bulk shipments. The company began its operations in 1997 and is headquartered in Dubai with offices in China and an extensive network of agents and logistics centers across China, the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean ports.

Managing all the company’s services require a large staff and this makes having a time attendance solution no longer being an option, but a necessity. TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution for workforce management with features designed for clocking activities, scheduling, report generating, and even job costing. It is a system that is scalable to suit the needs of any company with user licenses sold in blocks of 10. White Line has procured 50 user licenses and is using the TA200 Plus for its clocking terminal at the headquarters in Dubai.

The TA200 Plus is a hi-tech device with biometrics for fingerprint verification and a variety of other verification methods. The device’s biometrics feature eliminates buddy punching and enhances clocking tasks for the office with up to 10000 fingerprint templates storage capacity and 200000 transaction logs. The TA200 Plus also includes a workcode feature where employees can key in the workcode that applies to them when clocking on the terminal. This helps system administrators to note the remark based on the workcode, determining the purpose of the clocking activity and making job costing tasks that much easier.
The installation of TimeTec TA for White Line was possible due to HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions, Magnum Connect’s reseller in Dubai. Established in 2011, HUTAIB is a provider of high-level Security & CCTV Surveillance Systems, Time Attendance & Door Access Control Solution, Structured Cabling and Network, ICT & Telecommunications Systems and other Low Voltage Systems for Commercial, Government and industrial sectors throughout the UAE.
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