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How to Choose a Good Security Installer
Are you a FingerTec reseller looking for an installer to work with? Or are you an end-user, who’s just bought some FingerTec devices and are eager to start installing it at your workplace?

Either way, you’re at the right place. Before you go off hiring any Tom, Dick or Harry to install your FingerTec terminals, take a read as to what you should look out for in an installer. Remember that your FingerTec devices works as a security system (in some cases), and entrusting the installation to an unsuitable installer may just as well defeat the purpose.

So what should you look for in an installer?

Years of Experience
  Finding out the background experience of an installer can save you a lot of future complications if you do it right. You would want to do this to know that the installer has done similar jobs before, which will lead to a more successful installation. Look for an installer that has had 2 - 3 years of experience in installing security systems. If you are a reseller, you might want to call up some of the clients that the installer has worked on and get their feedback on the quality of the job done.
Background of the Installer
  Does the installer have certifications? Is he a qualified technician? You should be posing these questions to your installer. Find out the installers qualifications and if your local government has set requirements for technical workers, check if your installer meets the standards. Also keep in mind, that a person who installs a security system, will have the know-how to take it apart. So if you are a reseller looking for an installer to work with, find out if you can check his background of any crime that he/she might have conducted.
Quotation from Installer
  If you are an end-user and have a tight amount of budget for installment of your product, then you might consider getting a quote of the installment cost from several different installers, and choosing one that has provided you with the most reasonable quotation. Keep in mind there might be some extra charges if any unexpected barriers come up during the installation of the product.
Annual Maintainance
  Installation of FingerTec’s system doesn’t just end there. A good installer will offer some kind of maintenance arrangement (eg: An annual maintenance system checkup) with your contract. Maintenance is important to ensure the system doesn’t suddenly breakdown, causing a lot of difficulties, so if you have an installer that does this, it is definitely a bonus.
Quality of work
  Having the skills to install a FingerTec system is not enough to put it together. An installer should be able to install the system, and install it with a professional outlook. Wires should be hidden away from view, and access controllers should be located out of the public eye. Especially when dealing with FingerTec access control devices, all that should be catching your eye when the system is installed, is the device itself and nothing else. To make sure that your installer can to this, you can either call up one of his previous installation sites (if you’re a reseller) or you can opt to negotiate this point with your installer (especially for end-users). Tell him in advance that you expect a neat professional outlook and nothing less. If you are signing a contract, make sure this term is written in the contract.
Additional skills
  We suggest that you hire an installer that is also a certified electrician, or knows significantly a great deal about electronics. You don’t want to end up blowing a fuse, or even worse, ruining your FingerTec terminal due to the voltage supplied to it. So invest a little more if you have, to get a person with sound knowledge of electricity. It might just save you more time and money.
If you are an end-user and are still unsure about the installer you’ve chosen, you can try looking for an installer that is currently working in an established security system company, as they would be more reliable, and will still be available should any technical difficulties arise with your system.

Hopefully, the 5 tips above will give you an idea what to look out for when selecting an installer, whether as a reseller or as an end-user. If you wish to share more tips with us, feel free to drop a comment on our FingerTec Worldwide Facebook page!

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