With this movement to support our earth, we have integrated several environmentally friendly changes. Firstly, we are making our package boxes to be smaller in size, so as to use up less packing material and less space when shipping it out. Apart from that, we are also introducing an all new DVD which contains everything you need in one disk. The disk contains all the printed material that was previously included with each terminal i.e: product manuals, quick start guide, TCMS installation file and user manual, and an all new terminal installation guide. The contents are designed to be easily accessible, and paginated in a printer-friendly format just in case you need a printout; which we strongly discourage.

Besides this, you can always visit our user.fingertec.com website to get the latest updates on the above materials. Together, let us create a green and optimistic future for the generations to come. Start today for a better tomorrow!

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