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Kadex Series Wins Over Western Digital
By Ms. Kartina Azlina , Sales & Marketing Executive (Domestic Sales), FingerTec Worldwide
Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd (WD) is one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world with thousands of employees operating in a factory-like environment. The company required a solution with a large user templates capacity as well as high speed and stable performances for the workplace, employees as well as production. Nexus Professional Sdn Bhd (Nexpro), FingerTec’s reseller in Malaysia, took on this challenge with the innovation of the system (NEXTAS) for WD time attendance system. Today, WD actively employs the FingerTec Kadex series to manage and monitor time attendance of all their 20,000 employees at Kelana Jaya, Malaysia.
The installation done at the access points
Nexpro developed a unique combination of two units from the Kadex family, using FingerTec’s Kadex as the main terminal to boost the users’ template capacity to 60,000 while linking it to an i-Kadex as the slave, and had the combo installed and integrated into pillar barriers. These barriers were installed neatly around access points of their office, allowing management to monitor and manage staff movements.

The time attendance system developed by Nexpro with the FingerTec devices holds such benefits as:

• High-speed data uploading – employee data
   uploaded in one instance to all 120 units of
   FingerTec’ terminals within 5 minutes.

• High-speed verification timing – employee    verification takes only 2 seconds for each    verification.

• Sensor installations on the entrances’ pillar    barriers enable the usage of a trigger alarm as    notification to security whenever a verification    process fails and/or an unauthorized access    happens.

• Enables live attendance tracking, daily wages,    OT process and etc.

• With the migration of the system in WD, there    will no longer be instances of RFID card    duplication & 
redundant card case as the new    system uses a 10-digits card number for    verification instead of the previous 6-digits    card number.

• Flexibility in reporting tools – Management is    able to view and print relevant as well as    valuable reports accordingly.

Integrating the device onto pillar barriers
The management and staff at WD were very pleased with the efficiency and reliability of the solution provided. Thanks to the FingerTec system, Nexpro is able to give Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd the advanced time attendance system that aligns with its world status recognition in the manufacturing field.
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