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FingerTec Riding High with Viking International
By Mr. Benacer Douadi, Sales Manager (Middle Eastern/African Region), FingerTec Worldwide
One of the devices installed at access points
Viking is a fully integrated oil and gas services company providing the widest range of solutions to the world energy industry. It operates in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and it also has major operations in Iraq, Turkey and Poland.
One of the devices installed at access points
The company has over 15 drilling areas in Turkey. And each drilling area has its own group of employees. For that reason their headquarters wanted to control employee time attendance in all sectors. Consequently, Viking International got into contact with AveA Dis Ticaret, a FingerTec distributor in Turkey, and agreed on the quality of FingerTec hardware and software. After that Viking Int. and AveA Dis Ticaret elaborated on the needs and determined the proper hardware selection as TA103RC Wifi. The very capable device was chosen as it also works with RFID card and password in addition to the fingerprint option. Furthermore TA103 is modified with a Wireless option, which is more efficient for a company like Viking Int. that is very mobile and sometimes works in rural areas without any technological infrastructure.
Moreover, Viking Int. wanted to control their catering services with FingerTec devices and wanted their employees to have tickets for their enrollments. Thanks to the FingerTec device’s perfect Data Transfer capability, AveA Dis Ticaret provided a mediator program that provides a ticket with employee and timing details. In addition to ticketing, the program also provides reports for the HQ and has the capability to reach all catering terminals at the same time with a newly designed user interface with filtering options. The Mediator Program is now an off-the-shelf product for all FingerTec Devices.
The custom-made Mediator Program
The system is specially designed and built to suit the needs of Viking Int. to work with FingerTec Devices and includes everything in the cabinets such as the Atom Processor, monitor, UPS, secured plugs, fan, etc.
Currently, Viking Int. uses over 60 devices at their Drilling sectors for employee attendance and catering services.
The Mediator Program and the TA103RC Wifi, from a different angle
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