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Securing Time Attendance through FingerTec at the Ministry of Defence & Aviation
By Mr. Benacer Douadi, Sales Manager (Middle Eastern/African Region), FingerTec Worldwide
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence & Aviation was established on 8th December 1986. Commanded under the Directorate of King Khalid Military City for Operations & Maintenance, the ministry is tasked with maintaining military installations and the optimal use of available resources. They are also tasked with the study and development of the necessary services for units used for military facilities and public utilities throughout the country.
Recently, the ministry has requested for the deployment of time attendance systems to monitor the attendance of their staff and require these systems to have electronic verification methods, such as fingerprint, password or card verification. InnoKAT K.S.A, a FingerTec reseller, reached out to the ministry and suggested them to deploy i-Kiosk 100 Plus as the terminal contains multi-verification methods, including fingerprint, password and RFID card verification, which goes with their requirements for a time attendance system. Furthermore, i-Kiosk 100 Plus is equipped with a hi-tech camera, which captures the photo of every user who attempts to verify themselves and enter an authorized area. As a military building, such features will also help to increase the access control of the ministry.
FingerTec i-Kiosk 100 Plus
InnoKAT K.S.A is a company that is bolted on the ideology of simplifying IT solutions. They are poised to provide end-to-end solutions involving the latest technologies in the field of information technology and telecommunication. InnoKAT is unparalleled in offering IT solutions to home, small, medium and corporate businesses in a range of industry segments and have been helping enterprises and governments with their needs since their inception in 2004. With a vision of being the most trusted innovative partner in the region and leveraging the information life cycle through talent, skills and advanced technologies, FingerTec is appreciative of having InnoKAT on board as a member of the FingerTec family.
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