Global News (Middle East)  Saudi Arabia | 05/02/2016  
TimeTec TA Solves Attendance Woes for PGFCI of Saudi
Pioneer Generation for Commercial Investment (PGFCI) is a multi faceted umbrella company with a strong focus on the importation and exportation of retail and wholesale medical, scientific, and surgical equipment. Other divisions of note include property management, building maintenance, real estate buy/sell, land development, import/export of computers and communication devices, and fully managed import/export & marketing for major local brands.

Having diverse business portfolios and a large staff count, PGFCI was looking for a centralized attendance system that can eliminate the problems of buddy punching and time cheating of the employees. Even though the company had employed FingerTec system before but by using the LAN, they were missing the data from the mobile workforce, which is a big part of this company’s operation. They were using USB data file to gather attendance from remote sites and this didn’t provide the management with the comfort that the monitoring of attendance had been well taken care of.

Contemplating a more versatile system, PGFCI requested to try TimeTec TA, FingerTec’s online time and attendance system. They were looking for a system that does not only solve the buddy punching occurrences but also a system that can tell the availability of all users at all sites in real time. They required a system that allows the staff to report attendance regardless of their locations whether they are on temporary or on permanent transfers. What they expected were a system that provides transparency, accessibility and accountability, which clearly TimeTec TA offers.

PGFCI installed FingerTec AC100C around their headquarters and remote premises and they track attendance smoothly online through TimeTec TA. According to Mr Imtiaz Khan, IT Manager of PGFCI, “TimeTec made our attendance system transparent, easier and eliminated all the limitations we had in the past. Many thanks to TimeTec Team for this sophisticated system and timely support. It added value to FingerTec devices.” The implementation of TimeTec TA in PGFCI was made successful by FingerTec’s partner in Riyadh, Bayana Co.
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