Seven Seas Organised A Four-Day Workshop to Recharge Resellers
By Aidid Shahrulzaman bin Arifin

When the economy downturn hit the world by storm, Dubai was not spared. Many employees lost their jobs and the ones who were not, are striving hard to survive the impact. Businesses have to think of new strategies to capture the market and to plan sales strategy tactfully to win customers.

In view of the current votile economic situation, Seven Seas Computers took a step forward to recharge their resellers with a four-day workshop jointly organised with FingerTec Worldwide of Malaysia.

Participants were attentive to the software training

The training which started from 2nd March until 5th March 2009 was attended by 51 resellers from around the UAE and also Bahrain.

I, Aidid Shahrulzaman Arifin, Technical Engineer from FingerTec Worldwide was put in-charge of conducting technical and new product trainings to all the attendees during this workshop.

Seven Seas Computers, FingerTec sole distributor in UAE, has been supplying FingerTec to Dubai since 2004 under Magnum Connect as their sales and marketing arm.

I briefed the participants hardware configuration, hardware installation, and basic troubleshooting in this workshop.

According to Mr Abbas Mukadam, Business Development Manager from Magnum Connect, the training was vital to equip all FingerTec resellers with technical know-how about the new products and to learn on the new features before they could introduce the products to the market. “In this difficult time, we can’t take a look and wait attitude, we have to be aggressive to get customers,” said Abbas who has been in the FingerTec business for almost 5 years . “It seems to me that R2i is going to be a hit product by looking at the response received from the attendees. We have been waiting for the slave fingerprint reader for quite sometimes and to actually see how simple the installation and configuration of this latest model, we are convinced to push R2i to the market,” stressed Abbas.

A question and answer session was held at the end of every workshop

The workshop covered hardware configuration, hardware installation, wiring, communication and basic troubleshooting, basic software configuration, details on the clocking schedule, grouping and shift configuration.

I had a great opportunity to meet all the clients who I have been in contact with through the email and Internet all these while. I hope this could be a yearly event to strengthen the tie between FingerTec and our resellers.

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