New Vision SoftLan Has
Absolute Faith in TA103-R

New Vision SoftLan is FingerTec partner in the Canary Islands of Spain since June 2008. The Canary Islands has been dubbed as the “Miniature Continent” because of the different climates and varying landscapes that can be found in the area. In parallel with FingerTec’s vision of making thing easier for our clients, New Vision aims to make the impossible “possible”.

New Vision SoftLan has been pushing TA103R as a perfect and viable solution for their client’s time and attendance requirements. TA103-R has been installed in various locations including in hotels, an oil company, in schools, in a municipality, and in an institute for engineering research/studies.

So far TA103-R is the perfect system for their clients as the system offers not only verification via fingerprint but also the RFID card for added security. They also commended the workcode function of the TA103R model. Each company installation had proved to be quick and hassle-free.

New Vision SoftLan will continue to put focus on TA100 series to capture the market the Canary Islands of Spain.

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