FingerTec M2 at the Tallest Building in Panama
The Point

STS Panama S.A. of Grupo Simplex has over 30 years of experience in time attendance and access control systems. Before they started experimenting with FingerTec products, they have been an exclusive distributor of Simplex Time Recorders, an automatic time recorder for one-step punching of time cards ideally for offices with fewer employees, until this division went to Kronos.

It’s been a year since STS Panama became FingerTec’s reseller in Panama City. Tapping on what biometrics technology can offer, they sampled each of FingerTec’s range of products from the time and attendance TA100 series to machines with additional door access function such as AC900 and the M2/R2 series.

STS Panama has installed FingerTec zinc-alloy M2 fingerprint readers for one of the tallest buildings in Panama and in Latin America, The Point. The Point, currently is under construction, stands at 255 meters (837 feet) and has 65 floors. With STS Panama’s installation of FingerTec M2 and its TCMS V2 software, recording the attendance for 350 construction workers finishing the residential condominium tower, is easy to manage and immensely helped speed up its completion date.

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