Challenges in Building A Brand in Egypt
( by Nattalina Zainal, International Sales & Marketing Executive )
Building a brand takes a lot of hard work but pays you well in the end. While other similar products flooded the market, how do you distinguish yourself from the rest; and remain in the spotlight at the same time? For Technology Line, the exclusive distributor of FingerTec in Egypt, there’s nothing customers want apart from good price is great customer service. “They don’t mind paying for a bit more to experience our responsive
and attention customer service,” commented Managing Director, Mr Hisham to High-Tech Human Touch. “Cheap China products are plentiful in the market but I have my strong client list who never settle for anything less that what they deserve,” said Hisham. He maintains a strong dealership channels nationwide to make sure that his clients are well taken care of.
To strengthen the marketing of FingerTec in Egypt, a marketing specialist is added to Technology Line team targeted to establish and strategize new marketing plans to tap into a larger market starting this September. One of the efforts will be an introduction of a monthly newsletter to Technology Line’s dealers around the country. Another is registration in the Industrial Modernization Centre, which provides financial support to the exporting factories in Egypt up to 80% of the technology solutions; a move which could boost the sales of the company.

Challenges in building FingerTec brand in Egypt is still pretty tough despite the marketing efforts and maintenance of brand value done by the company. Many dealers selling China made products offer 3 years warranty to win big deals but they would not uphold the warranty period with many excuses. There are also parallel importers that try to build brands by simply sticking a logo on products without adding any value to the brand itself. And the most apparent one is the dumping of price by China made products to the market. “For those who are aware of the substandard quality might not fall for the price but what about those who aren’t,” Hisham raised his concern.

Nonetheless, Technology Line is still going strong with the recent installation

Managing Director, Mr Hisham from Technology Line

of 28 TimeLine 100 at Pioneers Holding Company, another 6 units from Orascom, a customer which have installed 12 units of TA102 about 2 year ago and a project of 45 units Keylock 6600A at Cottonil Factory. Mr Hisham is confident that the Egypt market has been educated about the benefits of biometrics products and now ready to apply this technology in their every day life. “I anticipate an increase of order for time attendance machine starting September as people are gaining confident to stock again,” he ended.

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