Trio Group In Sync with FingerTec
( by Benacer Douadi, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East )
Aimed to sell highly sophisticated, top quality and efficients products to the local market is the very foundation that builds Trio Group International Co. of Turkey. The company is located in the most crowded city Istanbul and having branch offices in the southern region
city Mersin, pledges to offering its customers a single source solution for all kind of requirements. On top of that the Company makes sure that support activities for partner arrangements are available at all times. Trio Group International Co., a sister company of a renowned AveA International Co, acts as a Total Solution Organization for high-technology product distribution, integration, development and consultation on behalf of clients.

FingerTec products and objectives match the requirements of Trio Group International Co., after having search thoroughly for suitable security solutions to add to the portfolio. According to Mr Mustafa Umut Akan, (Marketing & Sales Manager) “We are keen to distribute high quality FingerTec products in Turkey. We believe that our ethusiastic and experienced team members would face minimal challenges to persuade customers through our know-how and friendly business approach.” “FingerTec is in sync with us for its friendly business approach to high-technology commercial products. The support system is great and we know that we could get ample support from them at all times,” he added.


Turkey is a transcontinental country, bordered by 8 countries, has a population of 74 million and a national language of Turkish. Appointment of suitable dealer in this country is crucial to determine the success of the brand. Trio Group International Co. is the newly appointed dealer of FingerTec in Turkey under Mr. Benacer Douadi’s account.

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