Exportech Pushing Through Despite The Crisis
( by Nattalina Zainal, International Sales & Marketing Executive )
When the economic crisis hits the business world a few months ago, the effects blanketed the globe; buyers have less buying power and customers are more cautious in spending. Nonetheless, the economy situation has not affected our partner’s spirit to continue marketing FingerTec products aggressively in Portugal & Cape Verde.
“We have made plans for our business to go further this year and a glitch wouldn’t hinder us from pushing through,” explained Managing Director of Exportech, Mr Paulo Ferriera. While many choose to let go their people, Exportech made an opposite decision and hire more marketing and sales personnel to make sure that all enquiries and promotions are being taken care of well by Exportech during this tough time.

A roadshow around Lisbon, the capital city and Oporto, the second city are also scheduled to expose FingerTec to a larger population. “This is our effort to promote brand awareness for FingerTec around the country,” said Paulo. Started fresh with FingerTec two years back, Exportech has made a name for FingerTec in Portugal. The company has successfully installed many units for renowned clients such as in BNP Paribas Bank, Statistic National Institute and Major Gas Company and several City Halls in Boavista Island and Sal Island.

“We are also planning to add a new marketing campaign in the Cape Verde Journal (A Semana), the biggest journal in Cape Verde. In the meantime, we are also promoting FingerTec in St Tome & Mozambique.

I’m sure it’s going to be fruitful,” explained Paulo further. Exportech has just signed up with FingerTec for the sole distributorship of FingerTec products in

Mr Paulo Ferriera, Managing Director
Mozambique, and they participated in FACIM 2009 in Maputo Mozambique in early September 2009. For the early stages, Exportech will aggressively market the brand in major cities in Mozambique, Maputo, Beira and Nampula.
The beautiful city of Lisbon.
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