Scolarium Sells FingerTec In Morocco
( by Benacer Douadi, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East )
As a renowned supplier for the latest technologies, Scolarium is always looking for high-technology products from reputable manufacturers in the field of computing, security and communications. “Our goal is to offer customers with comprehensive solutions and matching consultations for a mutually beneficial relationship,” according to sales and
marketing manager, Mr Faouzi Maghili. “We need to always listen to our customers and at the same time find state-of-the-art solutions at competitive price to satisfy their requirements,” explained him further. “When we found FingerTec, it fits like a glove.”

FingerTec has what it takes to compete competitively with China, Taiwan and Korean products in Morocco. “Apart from the competitive price, the marketing concept offered by FingerTec helps us to move the brand quicker than any other similar products in the market. Everything’s available online and even if you a beginner, you are confident to go into the market and started selling the brand,” said Faouzi. Scolarium has been selling renowned brands such as Dell, Compaq, Canon and Siemens and FingerTec is the suitable addition to the list of brands that the company is promoting.

Office of Scholarium in Technopark, Casablanca
Mr Faouzi Maghili, Sales & Marketing Manager
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