The Hard Work Pays off for Time & Speed In Zambia
(by Tamy Phoon, Assistant Marketing Manager)
When Time & Speed started with FingerTec in South Africa in 2006, they had no plan to go to another country to market an international brand. However as time went by, they have made their presence felt in the office automation and security industry of the southern country of Africa. Loaded with a lot of first hand experience in sales, marketing and technical support, Time & Speed gained confidence and started to look into the neighboring territories.
Eight months ago, the company started to market FingerTec aggressively in the landlocked country Zambia after they found out that that there is a great need for biometric access control in the country. “We went there and there were only about 4 or 5 brands of biometrics available, which of course was a great news to our company,” said Mr Tols Meimaris, the director. “And after months of our hard work, we have landed one of the largest companies in Zambia and we are trying to reach the market through them,” he added.

According to Tols, the fingerprint quality of the people are so poor which make them decided to market the readers with a more reliable UPEK scanners. “The challenge has just begun. We see huge potential in Zambia and we feel that FingerTec will just go from strength to strength in Zambia, same as it does in South Africa,” he explained.

Mr. Tols Meimairs, Director
City of Zambia
The landlocked country, Zambia, bordered to 7 other countries
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