Attendance receipt-printing firmware available in
FingerTec® reader series

Some argue that employees don’t have the say when it comes to fingerprint attendance record as all transactions are done digitally, leaving all records with employers. The burden of proof falls solely on the employer in cases of employee’s tardiness, absenteeism and/or overtime.

FingerTec® is pleased to introduce the new firmware which can provide fairness to both parties; attendance receipt-printing for FingerTec® reader series.

This attendance receipt-printing feature is specially created for employees to have receipt to proof his or her attendance on a particular job or on a particular time required. It is mostly suitable for employees who do not have prefix overtime working schedule and

for workers who travel to different branches but need to consolidate reporting of attendance at one headquarters. The attendance receipt can also act as reference to both parties as and when required.

To use this feature, please find a printer, which has a built-in RS232 serial port input to receive signals from FingerTec® reader series. The printer can be purchased at some major automation suppliers; the price range would be around USD300 each.

We recommend Epson Thermal Printer, which comes with built-in cutter. The receipt will be cut from the roll once the information is printed, easy to keep and the image would last for at least 5 years in normal circumstances. You will not have to replace any printing cartridge as this printer is using thermal technology to process the image.

The printer takes less than 0.5 second to print out a receipt upon verification of a user transaction. You can also opt for thermal or dot matrix printer.


10 types of receipt format are available to choose from. You can print out the transaction with activities, or only the transaction’s time, it’s all up to your preference. To enquire more about the attendance receipt printing firmware, kindly email us at
Printer model Epson TM-T88IV. Click here for more details
Parallel port cable connects to the port at the bottom of the printer.
The RS232 is with 2 different ends, parallel port and 9-pins serial por
9-pins serial port cable connects to the serial port of FingerTec® readers.
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