Evaluation Copy of TCMS V2 is Now Available!

Now you don’t need to install another copy of TCMS V2 evaluation copy for client demonstration purpose. Installation of TCMS V2 can be done directly from any PC with some configurations and you can do your demo smoothly without much hassle.

Before you start, you need to install a fresh TCMS V2 software into your PC, a set of valid product key-serial number-activation key and a backup database. Create data by downloading information from FingerTec readers. You will require this data for your client demonstration.

Sample of valid product key-serial number-activation key as below:
Product ID        :  W9Z6-2TBJ-GSS6
Serial No.          : 1001839
Activation Key :  WNZ4CFPV
These are valid key number to activate the TCMS V2 so it can run smoothly.

Follow the steps below to activate TCMS V2:

Step 1
Install a fresh copy of TCMS V2 into your PC and start to configure the settings.

Step 2

Insert the Product Key (W9Z6-2TBJ-GSS6).
Select terminal model as R2 (or any models as you want to).
Select Connection as USB.

Step 3

Uncheck the Disable column.

Step 4

TCMS V2 will request the serial number of terminal. Insert 1001839 as a valid serial number.
Click Apply to proceed.

Step 5

Insert activation key (WNZ4CFPV) into the column.
Click Apply to proceed.

Step 6

TCMS V2 will be activated successfully.
Click OK to proceed.

Step 7

Click Apply to start using TCMS V2.

Step 8

In System Configuration, select Backup/Restore Database.
Tick Restore Database and click to seek for database file.

Step 9

Look for your ready made database file.

Step 10

Click Apply to start restoring database.

Step 11

After the database has been restored, all information (including information of the readers) will be restored.
These terminals are not connected to TCMS V2 now.
Click Delete to delete all terminals listed in FingerTec® terminal setup page.

Step 12

Repeat Step 2 to 7 to insert the recommended product key-serial number-activation key into TCMS V2.

Now you can start to run the software and demonstrate to your clients.

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