FingerTec First Aid Site

FingerTec Worldwide is pleased to introduce a new section in our Tips Microsite at, FingerTec First Aid. This new section is intended for our resellers to perform first stage of troubleshooting to identify problems they encounter with FingerTec’s hardware and software.

The FingerTec First Aid features common symptoms for possible problems of FingerTec products categorized by models and for every problem, we offer solution(s) not only in text contents but also in related pictures and videos to ease your troubleshooting. Users will be guided step-by-step to solve the problems they are having with FingerTec products.

For symptoms and problems, which are not mentioned in FingerTec First Aid section, we appreciate if you could report to us for inclusion in the section, kindly email us at

Welcome to the website at This micro website is intended for resellers only and it is username & password protected. Please register to access at Approval will be given within 24 hours after application.


Step 1
Go to Select and click the model of FingerTec® reader which is having problem(s).

Note: The FingerTec First Aid site has not been fully constructed yet. The faded models are still under construction and we regret for any inconveniences caused.

Step 2
FingerTec First Aid offers troubleshooting in 6 major sections namely light, card, scanner, message, display and sound. Any other possible problems could be in the miscellaneous section.


Step 3
Select the symptom of the reader to find out possible solutions to the problem.


Step 4
Find the diagnosis and kindly try the recommended solution for the reader’s problem. If the solution worked and your problem is resolved, click “Problem Solved” to return to the main page. Otherwise, try another diagnosis. Shall all efforts fail, email us at to report the problem.

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