Debut of FingerTec New Marketing CD
FingerTec is always about making things easy. We pledge to solve it all for our clients so you can concentrate on your FingerTec sales. Previously, we have introduced to you our Customer Support Microsites, which were designed to provide you with useful resources about FingerTec available around the clock. From the feedbacks we gathered, majority welcome the efforts. For those who haven’t registered, please click here.
The latest good news to all our clients around the world is the debut of our new marketing CD,which contains almost all information required to sell FingerTec. We acknowledge the fact that in some countries, Internet is not easily available. Therefore, we reckon that this CD would be as a great tool for sales and marketing of FingerTec products.
The CD is categorized into three separate parts namely sales presentation, product presentation and technical training.
Company Profile
Video Demos
Track Records

Download of All Brochures

Introduction to features, functions and specifications of every model including comparison chart.
Complete training on FingerTec hardware made easy in a CD.
We welcome all our clients to enquire about this CD in your next purchase with us. Customizations of this CD to include your company’s details are also recommended. Kindly liaise with your sales executive or you can contact to find out more about it.

It is our hope that we have made things easy for you and FingerTec will continue to make efforts to provide ease so that you, our clients can concentrate on selling.

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